Moon orchid flowers

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Good afternoon to all of Steemit's friends! Hopefully in this beautiful afternoon all in good health, and always heading for more successful work, on this occasion I will share about the beauty of the orchid flowers of the moon.

Orchid flowers this month is also known as Butterfly Orchid because the moon's orchid's petals are similar to the wings of butterflies that widen with beautiful colors. The moon orchid includes a monopodial orchid plant that likes little sunlight to support its life.


The leaves of the moon orchid have a green elongated shape. The root is white with rounded shape and feels fleshy. This month's orchid flowers have a bit of fragrance, a long blooming time and can grow up to 10 cm in diameter more.

Orchid months can be planted in the yard of the house or planted in pots, both ordinary pots and hanging pots. Pots used may be made of clay, pottery, plastic or wood.

Do not forget to also use the support, can use wood or bamboo with the help of wire as a binder. The purpose of this support for orchid plants do not collapse when flowering.


Keep in mind to plant different orchid months by planting crops in general. This is because the habitat and the environment are different from one plant to another..

This is just a little explanation of the orchid flowers of the moon, hopefully all friends Steemit likes the flowers that I share. Thank you for all who have visited, and do not forget to follow me to share...


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