#Ulog: The beauty of the lily and how to plant it

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Lily is a flower that has a beautiful color and fragrant. The shape is almost similar to the tulips in the dutch. So if blooming simultaneously will make the scenery more beautiful. to make your home page more beautiful and beautiful, you can try to plant lilies. How to plant and care is not so difficult. Daffodils are grown from tubers and can grow in any area. But even if the treatment is easy, you should keep doing it well because it quickly wither.


How to plant and care for the first lily is to find the right planting location. Choose a location that has good drainage. If it rains, the soil should be dry. Also choose a place that is not exposed to sunlight too often, because it will make the flower facing towards the coming sun. The leaves are very susceptible to jamurbotrytis. Especially if planted in less ideal areas. Therefore you should plant flowers at the right location. To overcome the drainage problem, you can make a mound using potting soil. The mound is about 13 cm above the ground. This method is very good when you plant lilies in areas where the soil does not dry quickly after rain.


If the air temperature is too cold, you can provide a layer of mulch over the plant. This will help protect the roots of the plant. You have to make sure the type of mulch you use, free from slugs because the snails can eat newly grown lilies. How to plant and care for the next lily is to provide fertilizer regularly. As the roots begin to grow, you can give manure.

Actually the lilies do not need much fertilizer because these flowers include strong flowers. Also read how to plant carnation flowers. By the time this flower gets a lot of nitrogen, it makes the stem rot quickly. So fertilizer should be given properly. Just once a month. Lily does not require too much water. So you only need watering as needed. If too much water will make the bulbs and stems quickly rot.


If the temperature is too cold, you can protect it with straw or limbs. But how to plant and care for this lilies, not so in use in Indonesia because the temperature is not too cold. If it is already flowering, do a little pruning. Simply leave 2-3 sticks only. This will help keep interest rates growing for a long time. If too many stems make the growth of the flowers will be inhibited and the plants do not quickly flowering.


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