ULOG 084 - Fun at the beach

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ULOG 084 - Fun at the beach

San was missing his friend J. so our two families decided to meet at Blue Bay near The Entrance. It was the perfect day for that, the forecast was predicting 32 C and it was very hot indeed. We got there at around 12 noon and our friends were late due to the traffic. So they had food on the way and we had our picnic on the sand.

I brought my ukulele and didgeridoo and practiced in the beach tent. It was getting hotter and hotter but luckily there was a breeze and clouds now and then to cool down the air a little bit. J. and his sister and family arrived not long after and the kids were having fun on the sand.

At some point, I left everyone behind and took my tripod and iPhone to try take some photos. I wanted to get some slow shutter photographs of the water around the rocks but it was not successful this time. So I went to the rock edge and tried to get some shot of the waves smashing the rocks.

Waves at Blue Bay NSW

It was very tricky, not only did I need to time the shot but I also had to wait for a nice wave to show up. I spent a long time pointing the phone to a rock but the waves were crushing on the left or the right. When I finally decided to turn around to where the waves seem to crash on a lot, they stopped coming on that side and started appearing behind the rocks I was aiming at at the beginning lol.


After an hour or so, I decided it was enough and went my way back to the family. On the way back I wanted to see if I could get a shot of the water facing houses with their reflections on the little puddles on the rock platform. I set my Benbo tripod as flat as possible so that the iPhone is just 5 cm above the water, it was low enough so I could get some nice reflections.


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LoL camera shy waves that's hilarious xD

You've got 30s temps already? Yay for beach weather! Looking forward to some of that coming over here. It was actually lovely today, but the warmth wouldn't come inside the house XD

Didn’t last for long. 16 C today 😱
Same here, was hot outside and chilly inside still.

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