A Tiny Update.

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Hello. i am very sorry that i have not posted in awhile.
but i"m here with something i guess? i don't have a devlog yet. because i lost interest in the blue squid idea. so i need a whole new idea.
i"m open for suggestion's. you can either put your suggestions in the comment's.
(ideal option). or you can send them on my discord server. or you could just send them to my account.





Awesome! I don't have any good ideas for you, but I'm glad you are back.

Looking forward to what you come up with.

i think i did allright.

im working on a ?suggestion on my discord server i so if your on that you can do ?suggestion your suggestion

its finished

best suggestion on my discord server will get a role. i know super cool. a role on a server your probably never gonna look at again.

i don't know what you will get if you put a good suggestion on this

william doesnt write my posts only the first one

https://discord.gg/KyuD7ND i messed up the link in the post.

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i need suggestions i cant think of anything.

alright im going back with the blue squid ive gotten no suggestions so im just gonna stick with it.

i have made 11 comments on my own post. that's sad.

Devlog 1 is coming today ive done alot.

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