Devlog 1

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hello this is my first devlog. i have made really good progress i think so lets jump into it i guess.
Screenshot 9.png
i started off by cleaning all my past projects.
Screenshot 12.png
then i made my project and started thinking what i was gonna base the game around. i decided that i will just stick with the first idea i had in my first post.Screenshot 16.pngso i made a squid model as well some sprite sheets and started animating and creating the character.Screenshot 17.pngi was pretty far into the animations and they where going pretty good. so i finished that and went on to the next thingScreenshot 18.pngso i made the animations and i made some kelp or seaweed i don't know. Screenshot 25.pngi messed around with tiles and tilemaps and i got this working. it looks pretty bad but its not shadered (my english is terrible) let me know if you like this kind of devlog if not ill change it up a bitScreenshot 29.pngthen i thought to myself "games need main menus" so i made one. it also looks terrible but its not permanent so ill make it better soon. i've always wanted AI and i never really got it to work but with some help it worked.
heres the spriteScreenshot 27.pngand thats all i have so far this took forever to make and its not even that much. hope you enjoyed.




Awesome job. Keep it up.

Looking forward to more.

i am 90% sure i will have a devlog up tomarrow