Devlog 2

in #unity2 years ago

time for the latest weekly devlog. i have done A lot. im gonna try to cover most of it. so first i redid all the tiles and the player to make it look al ittle better. Screenshot 75.png Screenshot 76.png
and an attack by pressing Q. i made an exit menu. i promise both the buttons do actually work. Screenshot 77.png then i made a simple enemy that you can 1 hit. Screenshot 78.png decoration's Screenshot 79.png its pretty bad. im not done yet tho. i made a boss for the first level Screenshot 80.png SPAM Q Screenshot 81.png BTW there is a delay between attacks. Screenshot 82.png it shrinks when its built. Screenshot 83.png cool power up i made. only lasts 1 level. every level is not permanent im going to re-make all the levels because they are really short. this happens when you step on itScreenshot 84.png the same happens when you press E. it only works if you have picked it up. then here's the 3rd boss. Screenshot 85.png sadly i lost the pictures of the making of it i just got the half finished pictures. but thats what i have so far. i might upload the same devlogs on youtube eventually. they might have commentary i have not decided yet. good bye.

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