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haven't posted in forever so I wanted to put an update and say what I'm planning or doing with this hive channel.

I know very little of c# which is the coding language that unity uses. unity is the game engine that I use. I want to try to learn more but I'm not entirely sure where to do so. I looked into a few websites one of them being https://www.freecodecamp.org/ which is really good at teaching a bunch of languages including HTML, c+, python, javascript, etc. but it doesn't teach c# sadly.

I might not post for a little longer because I am trying to learn maybe ill post an update but I just wanted to post some news on what I'm planning.



I'm curious what you want to learn C# for? Do you need C# to script in Unity or are you wanting to modify Unity itself?

As far as I am aware, C# is used to build software like operating systems and applications, not so much for scripting within apps. That is usually Python. What are you looking to do?

Unity only supports c#. modifying unity could be helpful or cool but I'm not really looking to try something like that anytime soon. I looked into unreal engine, Godot, and android studio but I like unity and I want to continue using it. currently, I just am making little small test games until I can advance to an actual project maybe. and I'm also trying to learn HTML and c+ so I can make websites or at least A website.