Part of Your World Cover by @enjieneer

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Hola friends! I've been so pre-occupied lately that I haven't had the chance to submit a single post for the last two days. My apologies for being a bit inactive. ✌🏻

This is the second time that I'll be sharing a video of ME singing. I've always been a shy girl but Steemit made me do things I don't usually do before. Thank you for trying to bring back the confidence in me.


The first one is a video of me singing Part of Your World. You know the theme song in The Little Mermaid? I super love that since I was a child. My favorite among them pretty female Disney characters is Ariel. You ask why? Ariel can sing very well, she's charming and she's just so innocent.

Caution: There are some audio defects at 2:11. My apologies for that.

Part of Your World Cover

This second video on the other hand is a clearer one, although it is just an audio. I recorded this February last year. Good thing I was able to save this. ❤

@enjieneer singing Part of Your World Audio (Audio Only)

The song talks about Ariel's dream to be in the land. To have a feet and be able to stroll down the street just like what normal people does. She doesn't see the world as cruel. Despite her having everything - being the princess of their kingdom - she want more. She want something that would make her genuinely happy. And that is to be on land and be with her prince charming.

You see, it's not always all about the material things. Sure, you could have lots of money and all these material things but that alone cannot give you genuine happiness. Follow the desires of your heart and that's when you'll truly be happy.

Have I mentioned that one of my goals this year is to enroll in a voice lesson? I haven't had the chance to do that yet, but I'm looking forward to it. (crossed-fingers)

Hope you'll enjoy the video as much as I've enjoyed doing it. ❤Happy Tuesday everyone!

Recorded using iPhone 6s



Wow, maganda na nga maganda pa ang boses, keep it up @enjieneer parang gusto ng kumanta at e-post dito. heheheh loko lang
Anyway sana mas marami ka pang cover na gawin. =)

hahaha thankyouu sis 😘 kanta ka na din haha! voice lesson muna ako pra mas madaming magawa ❤

Aaaaaahhhhh! I'am in love and surprise, Because i didn't know you sing that well. You have a voice of an Angel. And you finally found all your courage to let it all go.

You're so Gorgeous, save me..Pls. send me an Angel right now!


You are so kind and funny. Hahaha thankyou for the nice words.❤ All thanks to steemit, now I found a reason to practice more so i could sing more often. Keep on Steeming! ☺️

You are welcome back dear. We miss you for the two days of no post. Meanwhile, you've got a sweet voice

It's really hard when I can't post anything because I'm too busy with work and some personal stuffs. but I'll always be back ❤thankyou so much! 😊

So beautiful! God bless you my sister!

nice to see you again! thank you so much ❤

Always great to see you dear one!

best part was in the first vid.. after some great singing, u smile big and look right into the camera.. :) yes, ur voice is already quite good and with some lessons i'm sure u would be a star singer! =p

also this song matches ur voice nicely.. just had to mention that. :)

hahaha you really did finish the video huh? Thank you. I am deeply touched ❤

Holy shit! I thought I was watching an american idol contestant. Very talented indeed pretty as hell, if I was to scale your performance from 1 to 10 I'd say 10 aint enough :D

grabe sya oh hahaha! thankyou! 😁😜

Grabe naman ng singer @enjieneer! Maganda yung song pati ung songer so, its a YES for me! hahahahaha

hahaha! baliw ka. thankyou hurado ayyie 🤣

Very sweet voice @enjieneer aka Ariel. Hehe. You nailed it!
Wow, that’s one of my favourite Disney songs.

really? its your favorite too? nice to know that! haha thanks ❤

Galing talaga ni ate ganda! sali ka ate sa steem go talent :)

haha saan yun sis? thankyou 😘

I love the song, you are so talented

thank you! ❤

Hearing this makes me wanna sing "under the sea~ under the sea~" hahahaha

hahahaha sige nga i challenge you hahaha joke

Ganda talaga ng boses nito!

thanks beshiii haha 😘

Galing naman. Nilamig ako. Sana marami pa kasunod. Pwede po ba magrequest. "Let it go" from the movie frozen.

haha thankyou po. I'll try if kakayanin 😁

..more more more more more...ahahaha akala ko c ariel tlga ung kumakanta eh...

Galing naman po. Damang dama ko ung pagkanta mo sis.

Wow husay ni madam hahaha asan na yung fansign ko jie? Haha

hahaha post ko sa ssunod 😁

how to be to be you sis?nasa ang hustisya?
ganda na ganda pa boses.
I love it! stay beautiful sis!
nakadalaw den sa wakassss! hahaha

hahahaha hndi ako marunong sumayaw sis kanta lang ang kaya ko 🤣 thankyou sis missyou! 😘😘

Nice voice sis @enjieneer :)

thankyou so much sis 😘❤

Welcome sis :)

hello @enjieneer thank you to origal-post

Wow. Beautiful signing @enjieneer
Very impressive.

thankyou! 😊❤

na sayo na ata ang lahat sis...

haha hndi sis. grabe sya oh 😂thankyou 😘❤

Kakaibabe! hahaha

hahaha DJB Donna yan eh. crush ko yun 🤣

may talent ka pala friend! galing :) Pangbroadway o malaLea Salonga hehe

uy nice to see you again! haha. thankyou naman ppraktis pa ako 😁

Ikaw na ang pinagpala @enjieneer! Hahaha! Galing naman this girl. 😘😘

Kakaingit naman galing kumanta subukan mo rin @purepinay for sure kayang kaya mo yan.

A pretty face with a pretty voice and a pretty wonderful heart <3