Busy Weekends ✂️✏️

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My weekends are quite busy due to a lot of homeworks and projects given by my daughter's teacher. Ofcourse as a mom i'm willing to help and guide her. So tonight i've finished it and it's ready for submission tomorrow.

Actually it is like a scrabook, the teacher told us to make it so that we can put all the stars that our kids received at school everyday. They will choose 3 winners and will be rewarded at the end of the school year.

Materials i used are:

• bondper

• folders

• construction paper (assorted)

• glue

• puncher

• color pencil

• crafts accessories (optional)


photo is mine


photo is mine


photo is mine

It took me six hours to finished this one. It's fun yet tiring. It brings me back from my highschool days. I'm glad she liked it.


photo is mine


photo is mine




You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

So tonight i've finished it and it's ready for submission tommorow.
It should be tomorrow instead of tommorow.

Oops i see thanks