Updates: Back From Break, Returning to Education, Math Content & More

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Hi everyone. I want to make an update post here. I have been away for several months taking a break from here. It was due to a lack of motivation and not really making much content.

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A lot has changed. I have new ideas for education content and math content. What would be new now is that I will also cover Pokemon Trading Card Game stuff. I got back into the Pokemon TCG around April/May 2023. I play mostly online (high ladder rank of 620) and follow the Pokemon TCG news often. My skill level is okay. I would say intermediate (not beginner but not pro).

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The plan is that I post stuff around twice a week. Maybe more. It also depends on my motivation too.

I may upload some videos that I find interesting on DBuzz from time to time along with my posting schedule.

For those who have followed me in the past thank you. To those who follow me now and in the future thank you very much.

Thank you for reading.