Steem Telly beta testing starting soon on Apple TV

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The first beta build of Steem Telly app for Apple TV has been uploaded to Apple's servers and made available in TestFlight app.  It is currently pending for approval from Apple to be able to start public beta testing.

TestFlight is an app you can install on your Apple TV and once you receive my invite to test Steem Telly, it will allow you to download the latest test builds onto your device.

All @fundition donators will receive a beta testing link from me allowing them to download Steem Telly. If they don't have an Apple TV, they can share the link with their followers.

I'm excited as this project is now getting closer to release.

Thank you to my backers and supporters

Big thanks to all those who have supported this project via donations or upvotes. As promised, any support of $1 or above will get a mention in my project updates. So thank you to: @evildido, @waybeyondpadthai, @jeffandhisguitar, @angelinafx, @carlpei

Also thank you to top voters: @fundition, @dtube, @nathanmars, @lukestokes, @imacryptorick, @drakos, @aggroed, @anomadsoul, @thejohalfiles


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