Upfundme day 21: Crowdfund helping @steemromania!

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Just in case you did not know an upvote crowdfund uses the power of steemit to raise funds for whatever your goal or project is. Anyone with a steemit account can support your goal with their upvote. Earned SBD goes towards the funding goal!

Fund Goal: 1000 SBD
Funds Raised: 07.464 SBD



Looks like this period of time with the low value of Steem and SBD the rewards from the crowdfund are very low as well and they will continue to be like this from what i notice. It is what it is... there are periods and periods and the project will keep on till the Fund Goal will be reach!
I did receive the reward from Upfundme day 18: Crowdfund helping @steemromania! and i did transfer it as well. The blog had 44 votes, four comments and finish on $0.40 which generated a reward of 0.045 SBD.
Below you can see the proof of the transfer:

Just in case you missed the previous eleven posts @steemromania can use the SBD to POWER UP and like this to support our still very young Romanian community and help in the future young Steemians with great and good quality content.

"Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come." - Dwayne Johnson

As well you can take a look at:

MannaBase - The online platform for the world’s first Universal Basic Income cryptocurrency.

If you feel my posts are undervalued or you want to donate to tip me i would really appreciate it very much!!!

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