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I’m waiting for two separate votes on my posts, 10 SBD each; can you let me know what’s happening please.

Thank you

Blacklisted as explained earlier.

So that’s another of your “bots”? Can you please advise me of the “bots” I am blacklisted from, so I don’t waste anymore SBD? I guess the same discretionary refund BS still applies?

Others use our blacklist as well. You will find other bots will reject your bids as well.

How long do I remain on the blacklist? I guess the next question is how do I get off it?

Typically tell people to post quality original content for 30 days and then they can ask.

Ok, thank you.

hi @themarkymark ... why my offer is invalid, why your bot @upmyvote says that my post is in blacklist. please explain my post is in the black list of who. so I no longer wasted my sbd. please restore my sbd. if your bot can not vote on my post. thanks.

good yesterday I transferred them 0.001 and did not receive any response

hi @themarkymar, I am waiting for your explanation why my post is in the black list, and please explain who blacklist?

@themarkymark hey buddy.. not blacklisted.. jsut sent 3.5 upmyvote.. no vote unfortunately. Didn't refund or register. Help?

Transfer 3.500 SBD from bearbear613

Refund sent.

thanks.. any reason this sometimes happens?

It doesn't happen often (0-2/week out of hundreds of transactions/day) but is related to the Steem node acting up.

I would let him vote for me!

Pretty legit!


Hi, is the bot down? My vote did not come through.

I sent a refund for 1.2 SBD.

Thank you. What happened?

Node issue

7 hours ago Transfer SBN 4,269 to upmyvote You have not voted for me

You have not voted for me but you have not returned the money I sent

I really like how you made the STEEM logo into the bots hair. Super creative.

Agree me with your very creative comments @austinhopper

Do you vote for comment?

sir 14 minit ago i am 2 sbd sent you but you miss upvote please check your memo please refund me

YOU SCAMMERS< refund my balance you did not voted me since 2 days hours. and you are adding me to black list now. f*k scamer. dont use his service ,he is b **ch. you have to refund .i will never use your servie!

hello @upmyvote
I had send you,6H ago...
1.11 SBD

1.11 SBD

but didn't get any upvote yet.
kindly upvote-thank's!

waaah sweet, I love it

I like it...

I have sent you 1 SBD. But its not showing in the boot. Can you please check ? @upmyvote and please upvote on my post.

Can I get an upvote too please? ;)

How much do we have to wait for vote aprox? I paid you 1.000 SBD, didn't get vote yet.

Will I get upvote or refund for my 1 SBD? Transaction proof: and picture pic3.jpg

I want answers.

How about you learn how to use the bots before demanding answers. Savvy?

Sorry. Everything is okay.

Did you end up getting a profitable vote?

I really like it. Some constructive criticism; the depth could be more contrasting to the foreground. Perhaps a slight Gaussian blur behind the figure.

I like for you, nice post

I purchased 3 sbd upvote 2 minutes before the last upvote round ended and never received an upvote.

For the below topic ..

I am a graphic designer. I think this logo is really very good. I like the hairstyle

💓💔💕💖💗💘💙💚💛💜💝💞💟 I AM IN LOVE!!! 💓💔💕💖💗💘💙💚💛💜💝💞💟

Pretty awesome .. i love it.

With your posting, I am more comfortable in the steemit

wonderful logo, nice post, thanks for sharing


Look like blue Doremon. 😉

@upmyvote, I will.

Kindly follow me back, repost my posts and also upvote me

Yes it is

Great logo tnx for sharing steemit all the way check out my new posts.

This is little but almighty booster, looking like a super man, it look pretty fine.

This logo cute. The impression is sweet and not scary. I agree with this logo

I sent you 1.00 SBD

IT came right back ?

The memo said it was invalid URL.

Tried again ty

Hi Upmyvote i did not got Upvote from you.Check this link plz


Wooow amazing

good 👍👍

That's pretty neat i would love to design a logo for you

Pretty cool!!!

it is super cute

I bid 1 SBD but I don't get upvote. please look at this Post

yes you did...

nice post @upmyvote please follow me @hermawan30 and upvote thank you

Postingan yang amat singkat namun sangat menarik terutama logo itu. Sangat bagus dan kreatif.. Anda berbakat

nice! :)

Post saya kenapa tidak anda vote padahal sudah saya kirim 3.000sbd

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