@upmyvote up and running again

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We have returned!

@upmyvote is up and running!

We are listed on the Steem Bot Tracker and are taking bids. We are following the standard 2.4 hour voting rotation which means we vote ten times a day when we reach 100% voting power. We take either Steem or SBD for incoming bids.

Get 98% of our bids for your delegation

Delegate to @upmyvote and get 98% of our incoming bids! All delegators will get paid out at around 8 PM on a daily basis based on their delegation. The first payout will begin on the day after your delegation.

How to delegate

The easiest way to delegate is to use @yabapmatt's awesome Delegation Tool. You can add and remove your delegation there.

If you want to increase or decrease your delegation, always enter the total delegation you want to make. Additional delegation will be immediate, if you reduced your delegation, it will take seven (7) days to return to you.

Terms of Service

We will do a dedicated post for our Terms of Service, but in short here it is.

  • We will auto refund incorrect bids
  • We reserve the right to remove votes on spam, plagiarism, and scams without refund.
  • We follow multiple community blacklists and will refuse votes to anyone on these lists.

@upmyvote @badcontent @themarkymark @buildawhale
I have transfered the 4 steem for following post upvote
You have not upvoted and give a message that 'The author of this post is on the blacklist'.
Please, refund the 4 steem, if you feel post is not good for upvote.
Thanks for understading in advance.

hello mehta ji .
me too from rajasthan , support me as well too bro to build my profile too. thanks in advance.

Plesae, reply with your answer.
If you don't want to upvote refund my 4 steem sent to you.
I waiting for your reply.

Minimum delegation boss? @upmyvote

No real minimum, but I wouldn't go lower than 50 SP.

Hallo @upmyvote

sorry I was not aware please return my bid

Amount 2.000 STEEM
Memo https://steemit.com/thriller/@hforstner/book-presentation-bitter-medicine-a-top-class-thriller-by-arthur-hailey

@upmyvote, plz refund my bid amount if you are not willing to vote my post.