Status correction update; My new Sovereign ID's.

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If we truly lived in a free country this is what our ID's would look like. I am a free inhabitant of the free and Sovereign country known as the people's republic of the united States of America. Being born in FIorida this makes me a Florida State National living in the Arkansas Republic. I even have my own family crest too! I know the picture is small and blurry but my crest consists of a honey badger at the top with two snakes and three gophers on the shield.



My Sea Pass is on the back of my LIVE-LIFE-CREDENTIAL. This means that I am international. I can get through TSA and everything using this ID card. The fox stamp is a gold bonded document backed by actual gold. My signature and thumb print are signed through the stamp as proof of authenticity. The grammar used is known as syntax grammar, the correct grammar we all should be using for our names and important documents. The wording says:

:Claimant: Theo: is a living man with the blood that flows and flesh that lives and for this claimants knowledge of the correct sentence structure grammar is with the claim of the geometric level field on the land and soil by this Live Life Claimant.



This card we ALL need! I had this made due to the covaids scamdemic. Now I'm exempt from the evil eugenic vaccines and wearing a mask or as I call it, the ritualistic shame muzzle. I'm NOT going to comply with any of this shit! I'm ready to go to war over this shit. Seriously, we have all the justification in the world to not only jail but brutally execute these sick elitist pedophile satanist fucks like Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates. When scientists lie THERE IS NO SCIENCE!!! When scientists lie PEOPLE DIE!!! This is not only fraud but the highest form or treason ever committed in this country and the world. That's right folks, put on your ritualistic shame muzzles and suffocate yourselves in the name of health and science... SMDH. Remember, putting on a mask in a restaurant only to take it off again once you sit down at the table is what these sick criminals call science... rolls eyes. Seriously, America is the dumbest fucking nation on the planet complying with this stupid shit. America, land of the cowards home of the slaves!!!



On the back of the Credential-Of-Immunity card is this Decree:

:It is Decreed on this court of record that this living man :Theo; is a people and is one of the owners of the united States of America: For the command of this author of this command is for an interpretation of all words with the rules of the interpretation of the author, in a positive-sense, in the present-tense, on a level-geometric-plane is with the complete-Live-Life-Credential; SEA-Pass; Credential-of-Immunity is with the void-STATE-policies;

DISCLAIMER: These ID's do not work. You make them work. They will not work unless you have the passion and motivation to make them work. This is truly only for true die hard patriots out there that are dedicated to being the change that they want to see in the world.

And before all you fucktards start saying stupid shit like, "our voices don't make a difference, blah blah etc." Remember, those who think that their actions are too small to make a difference never spent a night alone in a room with a mosquito. So shut the fuck up!

Well there you have it. If you stumble across this blog and are interested in having ID's like these made for yourself don't hesitate to contact me for more info. I would gladly love to hook you up with one of these.

Stay Un-Tune-Ed...


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