Weekly overview of the development category - Week 22, 2019

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2019-05-24 15:00:00 UTC to 2019-05-31 15:00:00 UTC

This is a weekly, semi-automated post where I will show some statistics and graphs of the development category. It will also serve as a showcase for the staff picks and task requests that were made in the current week. If you have any suggestions or things you'd like to see in this post, then please let me know!

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Top contribution(s)

STEEM.CRAFT | #1 | Let's decentralize Minecraft worlds! by @immanuel94

Before, players had to stick with a server on which they have been building since there have been all the worlds they have built. Some people might be built their worlds over years until they're finally done. Now, with STEEM.CRAFT, players will be able to store their worlds directly on the Steem Blockchain and visit them from any server which uses STEEM.CRAFT. This is allowed thanks to the sponge schematics, which allows storing chunks very precise and space efficient.

Category summary

  • There were 10 contributions of which 10 have a chance of being rewarded, or already were rewarded.
  • The average score was 64.4 with an average reward of 21.0 STU from Utopian.
  • The total reward from Utopian for development contributions this week (so far) is 210.0 STU.
  • There were a total of 9 unique contributors in the category. Of those 1 were new contributors in the development category (@sogata).

Score distribution in the development category


Number of contributions per weekday


As you can see, Monday was the day with the most activity in the development category. Sunday and Friday had the least activity in the entire week. It's not surprising to me that there's less activity towards the end of the week, as people are probably busy with other stuff.

Average score, reward (STU) and time before review (hours) per week

Time before review is the number of hours between the creation of the post and the time it is reviewed by a moderator.

Unfortunately the average score of contributions is down from 73.1 to 64.4 this week. The average reward has also gone down from 24.4 STU to 21.0 STU. Of course with the average score going down, this was to be expected. Finally, the number of hours it takes for us to get to a contribution and review it (on average) has gone down slightly from 11.5 hours to 10.0 hours.

Number of contributions reviewed per week


As you can see, the weekly number of reviews is down from 17 to 10. However, the number of contributions over the last two weeks (27) is up from the number of contributions in the two weeks prior to that (15). Silver linings and all that.


Number of unique contributors per week


With the number of reviews going down this week it's unfortunately not that surprising to see the number of unique contributors go down from 15 to 9 either.

Most active contributor(s)

Everyone was equally active this week, so here's just a list of all the contributions:



  • @helo reviewed 10 contributions with an average score of 64.4.

Same as usual, Helo is the only moderator currently reviewing contributions.

Number of reviews per weekday


As you can see, Thursday was the day where Helo reviewed the most contributions in the development category. On Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday he didn't review any contributions. Of course a couple of these days were in and around the weekend, and so he was probably relaxing like the rest of you!

Number of contributions reviewed per moderator


Average score given per moderator


Task request(s)

Gridcoin Development Task Request With Bounty - Build New GUI - Assets Already Ready to Go by @jringo

This request for a developer is for building a new GUI with the fresh assets. New content for the assets will be built in tandem with the GUI. The designer of the assets is active in the Gridcoin community and will be around for consultation and to modify assets as needed.

The total bounty for implementing the fresh assets in a new GUI is 512,000 GRC.

Any person or team seeking to claim the bounty must contact one of the following core developers through Github or on the Gridcoin slack server.

Also, if you think there is anything that can be worded more clearly, then please let me know!


Hello, Amos!

Thank you for another detailed report. It is great to see that everything is running smoothly, and you managed to compose an interesting blog post that contains all the necessary details. Keep up the good work.

There's not much to say about your report. As always, it is well-written and well-illustrated with relevant visual content. Even though the average score of contributions has declined, I think that your contributors are doing a really good job, and the same can be said about all members of the development moderation crew.

To sum up, this is another comprehensive report from you. Enjoy your weekend, and have a great week ahead.

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Thank you for your review, @lordneroo! Keep up the good work!

Hehehe! thanks for the laugh Amos. Have a great week-end.

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