Weekly overview of the development category - Week 25, 2019

in #utopian-io3 years ago

2019-06-14 15:00:00 UTC to 2019-06-21 15:00:00 UTC

This is a weekly, semi-automated post where I will show some statistics and graphs of the development category. It will also serve as a showcase for the staff picks and task requests that were made in the current week. If you have any suggestions or things you'd like to see in this post, then please let me know!

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Top contribution(s)

Hivemind Easy Deployment With hivemind-docker by @drakos

Hive (https://github.com/steemit/hivemind) is a "consensus interpretation" layer for the Steem blockchain, maintaining the state of social features such as post feeds, follows, and communities. Written in Python, it synchronizes an SQL database with chain state, providing developers with a more flexible/extensible alternative to the raw steemd API.

I'm using docker-compose for this project because of its flexibility in managing multiple containers, and to minimize the use of long complicated docker cli commands. With dependency checks in the scripts, I covered many possibilities to make a hivemind deployment easy. The tricky and frustrating part was to get postgres to use a mapped local database outside of docker volumes. The reason for that is to have better control of the database and to simplify redeployment to other servers, instead of having to redownload/reimport a dump which takes hours. Postgres is picky about permissions, plus its native command initdb was causing errors when synchronizing an imported hivemind dump. After solving the problems with some workarounds and thoroughly testing, hivemind-docker was finally ready.

[Announcement] Introducing Privex's Network Looking Glass (SWEDEN) 🇸🇪 by @privex

A Looking Glass is a tool commonly made available by ISPs to allow both peering partners as well as the general public to test the latency and routing of their network.

As part of our work on our new Swedish region, we've developed a looking glass to allow people to test our network before getting a server, as well as to help our peering partners diagnose routing faults.

Category summary

  • There were 11 contributions of which 10 have a chance of being rewarded, or already were rewarded.
  • The average score was 62.4 with an average reward of 19.9 STU from Utopian.
  • The total reward from Utopian for development contributions this week (so far) is 199.1 STU.
  • There were a total of 14 unique contributors in the category. Of those 3 were new contributors in the development category (@ookamisuuhaisha, @sn0n, @privex).

Score distribution in the development category


Number of contributions per weekday


As you can see, Friday was the day with the most activity in the development category. Sunday had the least activity in the entire week, so if you are scared of competition then this is the day to contribute! Obviously it's not that surpising that this happened in the weekend as you were probably all out doing something else.

Average score, reward (STU) and time before review (hours) per week

Time before review is the number of hours between the creation of the post and the time it is reviewed by a moderator.

Unfortunately the average score of contributions is down from 63.5 to 62.4 this week. The average reward has gone down from 20.4 STU to 19.9 STU. Of course with the average score also going down, this was to be expected. Finally, the number of hours it takes for us to get to a contribution and review it (on average) has gone down slightly from 14.7 hours to 14.0 hours.

Number of contributions reviewed per week


As you can see, the weekly number of reviews is up from 7 to 11! Unfortunately despite the number of reviews being up compared to last week, the number of reviews in the last two weeks (18) is down from the two weeks prior (20).


Number of unique contributors per week


With the number of reviews going up this week it's obviously not that surprising that the number of unique contributors has also gone up slightly from 6 to 14 this week, but of course this is still very cool nonetheless!

Most active contributor(s)



  • @amosbastian reviewed 1 contribution with an average score of 59.5.
  • @emrebeyler reviewed 3 contributions with an average score of 70.7.
  • @helo reviewed 1 contribution with an average score of 26.5.
  • @justyy reviewed 6 contributions with an average score of 54.3.

More than 2 moderators reviewed something this week -- amazing!

Number of reviews per weekday


As you can see, Friday was the day where we reviewed the most contributions in the development category. On Saturday and Wednesday we didn't review as many contributions as usual.

Number of contributions reviewed per moderator


Average score given per moderator


Task request(s)

  • None

Also, if you think there is anything that can be worded more clearly, then please let me know!


Hello, @amosbastian. Thank you for sharing the weekly overview of the development section. It is interesting to see new contributors on the dev section. I do hope to see more new faces around, contributing to the success of the open source economy.

Again, thank you for providing the weekly overview and I look forward to your next report.

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Thank you for your review, @knowledges! Keep up the good work!

Hi @amosbastian!

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Thanks for the report. 😛

Where can we found the data source and the script to generate the data viz of the report? I am asking because my post takes 100 hours to get reviewed, so I suspect the accuracy of the statistics about time to get reviewed.

@knowledges @amosbastian

For this question, @knowledges have answered that my post's data should be included in next week's report. So I'll check out next week whether it's correct or not.

Thank you guys.

Hi Amos, thanks again for the interesting report.

Is there any way to get access to the raw data of utopian.rocks with all of its historical data?
I'm interested to take a look at the dataset and figure out whether there're any interesting insight that we can find out.

You can check the README of https://github.com/amosbastian/utopian.rocks, maybe it has some stuff you are looking for. It's probably not completely up to date, so there could be some other parameters you can use, not sure.

Thanks Amos,

I read the code here: https://github.com/amosbastian/utopian.rocks/blob/master/utopian/app.py, and it seems https://utopian.rocks/api/posts is one of the APIs that I can refer to. Thanks for the info!

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