Idea Hub Podcast - @Yabapmat & HashKings - April 29st -

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Welcome to's Idea Hub show.

When and Where?

This great show aired live on Monday, April 29, 2019, 8-9PM UTC. It was live on the MSP Waves and Discords:

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If you did not get to take part in the show live there are multiple ways to listen to this great show anytime you like:

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Special Guests

This week's show is about gaming and blockchains.

First we have the hyper-productive @yabapmatt. He is one of the driving forces behind SteemMonsters(Splinterlands) and He will be talking about several projects he is working including SCOT tokens which is an alternate to the long awaited STEEM SMT.


Our second guest is actually two people. First we have Daniel Pittman from Hashkings and second we have @disregardfiat from the dLux VR/AR project. Both these projects have partnered to create an exciting new VR game that lets you grow virtual cannabis on the blockchain. Very exciting.

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The Show

You can listen to the full version of this show on our Utopian Podbean page

You can also check out the Idea Hub show at any of these locations:

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