FOSS Hub Podcast - Volentix & eDEX-UI - - Ep 9 May 1

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Welcome to's FOSS Hub show.

When and Where?

This great show aired live on Monday, May, 1st, 8-9PM UTC. It was live on the MSP Waves and Discords:

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If you did not get to take part in the show live there are multiple ways to listen to this great show anytime you like:

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Special Guests

We are very happy to present a very special guest with a interesting project - @helo and the Volentix project. @helo is someone a lot of listeners might already know because he is a regular guest and also part of @helo is a very talented developer and has lately joined the Volentix project, a digital asset ecosystem, that aims to put you back into the driver seat.


For our second guest we have Gabriel Saillard, the developer behind the extremely cool project edex-ui. This is a terminal emulator that recreates the look and feel of science fiction movies. This cool interface also feature touch screen support and is just the COOLEST thing to use.



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The Show

You can listen to the full version of this show on our Utopian Podbean page

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