Translation for Landingpage with Chinese Simplified (100% Completed from 0%)

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I did the translation on Crowdin at the first place but it's not complete project.
I was instructed to do translations on GitHub. The project can be found at:

My contributions can be found at:
also shown as following.
All the translations have been merged into master branch.
I also discuss and talk to the author for advise, and I will continue translations on this project of further changes.

Finally, proof of id.

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Thanks! :)

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你好,你是否有时间可以帮大家一个忙?Utopian-io 改他们的翻译规则,只接受在GitHub 上的翻译。我看到你早就在GitHub 上翻译了。你是否可以写个Tutorial 一步一步教大家如何使用?感谢你!