Fixing steemRSS and deploying it

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Bug Fixes

  • What was the issue(s)?
    Streemian RSS services went down recently and @techslut asked me to help her find an alternative. We found out this repo which was last commited to half a year ago and the RSS service wasn't functional at all, it returned an internal server error at all times.

  • Describe briefly how you fixed the issue(s).
    I fixed async related bugs and some typos in variable names which made those errors. For example see tag.js changes in which I changed typos like menu or hashasProperty.

Most of the asynchronous code in tag.js wasn't working at all, logically. So I used promisifyin order to modernize some of the steem api methods to promises.

I also updated the steem api package and used the new steem api node instead of steemd node. Since it became unavailable on January 6th. So no "connection closed" errors come up from a websocket steem node.

I also deployed it to heroku in:
So its functional and usable for everyone.

The new landing page - dedicated to @techslut

Rss feed:
All Rss feeds are now operational and not returning server error.

In order to see the URLs for the feeds you should look in the README file here and use the URL instead of the steemrss one.

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Good work on including more information. I really like how you explained your choice for promisify.

The images are a nice touch.

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I edited and elaborated. Hope it's sufficient now :)

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didn't understand how can i create rss feeds from what you wrote her.
can you explain some more?