Utopian is UNSTOPPABLE. Now Fully Integrated With The Github Project Feeds!

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Utopian.io is the only platform rewarding Open Source contributions with Steem and today I am releasing the NEXT BIG THING in the Utopian platform.

This update was requested by some of the most influential people here like @fabien from Busy.org and @cryptoctopus.

From now on every user that has synched the Utopian.io account with Github will be able to push contributions in the categories Ideas, Development, Bug Hunting and Documentation directly to the Github feed of the project.

This will increase the visibility of Utopian.io and of the contributions by a 1000% rate but will also require from our side an even stricter quality check.

Github is very minimalistic and professional and we will have to meet its standards.

This is the second huge update after THE ANNOUNCEMENTS that allow project owners to CrowdSource their Open Source projects via Utopian.io.

The main Utopian features are now all there. From now on we will focus on enhancements, user experience, bug fixing, marketing and QUALITY.


Connect With Github

You can now synch your Utopian.io account with Github. You have the Synch with Github button on the right. This will let you manage your own projects if you maintain Open Source projects or will allow you as a contributor to push your contributions directly to the Github feed of the projects you are contributing to, where every project owner will read FOR SURE.

Be careful here, this also means, our rules will have to be respected in every single aspect. We will be SUPER STRICT from now on and this is important to provide a real value for the project owners.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 17.53.52.png

Push Ideas and Hunted Bugs to The Github Issues Feed

If you have connected your Github account with Utopian.io, once you will write an Idea or once you will write about Bugs you have found, Utopian will push your contributions directly into the Issues feed of the project on Github, as soon as your contribution has been accepted by the Utopian Moderators. This means the project owner will FOR SURE see your contribution because every Open Source project owner uses Github issues to check what's going on. So you want to write something that brings value to them!

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 18.08.22.png

Link Pull Requests on Development and Documentation Categories

This is important especially for developers. When you will write a new Code contribution or a new Documentation contribution from Utopian, Utopian will suggest all the open Pull Requests you have made for that repository.

You will be able to link them to your Utopian contribution and by doing so the Utopian contribution will be pushed to the comments of the Pull Request on Github. This means the project owner will FOR SURE see it and may decide to come to Utopian to reward your contribution.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 17.13.46.png

Linked Pull Requests will be also visible at the bottom of your Utopian post.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 17.41.00.png

Utopian Goes MainStream

I have been waiting before creating this functionality, because now that we start pushing to the Github feeds, Utopian will easily become mainstream. I was and I am really concerned about the quality and value we will bring to the project owners on Github and for us this is gonna be a huge exercise and test.

A Message For The Project Owners

If you have not noticed yet on Utopian.io you can CrowdSource your Open Source project by adding announcements. Read the Intro Post. Some of your projects are already receiving spontaneous contributions from the community.

Check all the code updates I have just made on https://github.com/utopian-io

A Special Thanks to The Sponsors


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A Special Thanks to The Moderators



Are you going to the STEEMFEST?

I'll be there. Lets meet and chat: https://steemit.com/steemfest/@elear/i-am-going-to-the-steemfest-guess-why

Who am I?

11 years Senior Software Architect - Javascript Full Stack Developer, focused on ES6, React.js, Redux, TypeScript, Node.js, and DevOps.

Follow the official Utopian account: https://steemit.com/@utopian-io
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@elear you're making so many awesome updates so quickly that i'm running out of unique things to say about them! I don't want to be one of those people who just writes "amazing!" to each update but...well, it's amazing!

Ahaha thanks @yabapmatt. Keep using the platform I am trying to push also the steem bot tracker


Wow. I'm less than a week here on steemit and feel like I've gone down a rabbit hole. A happy, exciting place to be for sure. Your project adds tremendous value to the platform and I will be looking for ways to contribute to utopian.io.

Sincere thanks for what you are doing and I agree with other commenters' suggestions of giving us laypeople some tips/direction as to how we can best help and contribute. Any quick tips?

hi @beauknows, welcome to SteemIt! Not sure if you're asking about contributing to the Utopian project itself or using Utopian to post about contributions to other open source projects (it's very "meta", i know).

For some tips on contributing to open source projects, my first tip is that it's really a lot of work to make meaningful contributions. So I wouldn't do it just because you want to post on Utopian.io (even though I think that's happening a lot right now due to the bot's large upvote) but because you're really interested in contributing to a project and would probably have contributed anyway without Steem or Utopian.

Generally open source projects are software development oriented, so it's a lot easier to contribute if you're a software developer. But even if you're not there are still ways to contribute and add value. You can provide ideas, test the software for bugs, create graphics, promote the project, etc. You'll find all of these are contribution categories on Utopian.

I noticed from your profile that you're interested in chess, so perhaps you could search on github for some popular, open-source chess projects that perhaps you could lend some of your expertise to. Again - it's a lot of work to provide meaningful contributions, so i would only do it if you find something you really want to work on.

Anyway, hope that helps - let me know if I misunderstood your question. Good luck with your 100 day steemit challenge!

Fantastic response and thanks so much for your clarifications! This does help a lot. So much to take in here and trying very hard to mix my naive enthusiasm with as you say meaningful contributions. I do have a background in web dev, graphics etc. in addition to chess, so will continue to follow to see if i can pitch in somehow.

Meta indeed!

your sun and you very good pic

It's taking me a while to understand Utopian but I believe I do now and this is really cool.

Can someone explain me what is github?

@mike50 It also makes working on software together across borders very easy. It's built on top of the version management tool git. You can see all the changes that have ever been made in a an open source project and submit code contributions or report issues.
@elear Great new features! I was waiting for that! #sssss2 :P

@mike50 a platform where codebases of Open Source projects are hosted

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved on Utopian.



We are very careful about the rules @fabien even in our same team :D lol

I like that the rules are strict and not bended for anyone. Good job @elear

Just a formality.

Yeah, funny.

The potential for the steem blockchain is just starting to be discovered! Thats amazing.

Sounds great! I truly believe 'together we can grow', so open source is a great way to grow. Coincidentally, I just a made a post regarding open source contribution, github, utopian-io etc. https://steemit.com/technology/@lifecruiser/steemit-added-to-react-wiki

Sure @lifecruiser ! That's the mission !

Legend of Awesomeness

Great! I'm eagerly waiting to work with Utopian.io. I think there should have some tutorials for the beginners to get started with Utopian.io

It's great

This will surely increase the visibility of Utopian platform over through Github.Very effective feature.👍🏻

Wow..... Really great progress......

This is teally exciting. Rick on.

great news @elear you made the first step for the revolution of steemit more professional faces will be headed to know more about #utopian and to join #steemit ==> new crazy ideas, new awesome projects, new concepts and designs.......you brought the magic stick to the blockchain ....i want to live this future sooooon

Thank you for the big support @thegoldenphoenix !

That's really good news for the community and for Utopian in special. It is absolutely incredible how much pace your project has created. There is one feature I am missing: Someone who is NOT a developer but NEEDS a developer who can be paid in Steem. Like a job market for developers and entrepreneurs.

It is really difficult to find qualified programmers to do something witht the Steem blockchain. I had so many cool ideas which never came through because if I do find a capable developer he is already having a thousand other involvements and lacks the time. There is a huge demand for it.

Hey @flauwy have someone creating a repo for you on Github and use the announcements feature in Utopian to look for developers :)

Sounds cool, I'll check it out! Thank you, @elear.


App with the highest potential currently for sure. Makes me happy to see as SP holder! Amazing progress, you got good momentum going on.

Just wanted to chime in to say that after trying out Utopian, it's a great project. I went ahead and delegated 1005 SP to it. I also added both Utopian-io and elear to my autovoter.

Not sure if you want a notification of that delegation, @elear , but it should be live now.

"lexiconical delegate 1,005.001 SP to utopian-io
24 minutes ago"

Thank you so much @lexiconical ! You are already showing up here https://utopian.io/sponsors

Thanks to Utopian, I've already submitted a pull request on Git for the update I proposed in my post at Utopian.

Phew, that was an awkward sentence.

Well post.

if you don't mind plz check & upvote my post plz

New follower... someone told me I need to learn more about this. Peace

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Kudos to you @elear. I see this project driving the price of steem to the sky soon!

I have an idea and want to launch it as a full fledge application.

I think utopian will going to help me. Will save 1000's $ ....

OMG this is genius! This could make my dream come true of building the ultimate intelligent assistant chatbot here on the Steem platform, with help from the community. This, more than anything else, is I think going to make the Steem currency valuable! Thank you for this genius idea, and way to make open-source sustainable! I'm going to write a Hackernoon article about this for sure. Contact me in steemit chat if you want me to include certain details for Hackernoon. Bravo!

Making Open Source Great Again


Hey @elear I am @utopian-io. I have just super-voted you at 100% Power!

Suggestions https://utopian.io/rules

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OK this is a real huge project and looks amazing I'll be trying to get involved and support you guys that make such an awesome job here :)


Thanks for information...

I agree it is unstoppable and you are adding a good platform... Keep updating and posting...

I think Utopian demands different reports than Github. This have to be solved.
Utopian requires long pieces, on Github, short but detailed posts are welcome. You communicated "write the story behind the contribution". On Github, it's like "don't write more or less than needed to solve an issue" IMO.

For example, check my first post on Utopian.

@utopian-io said:

Your contribution is less informative than others in this category.

For Github, my whole post would look like:

Here(link) you can see my translations for the project.

And that's all!
What would your bot say about this?
Because the next time I will write on Utopian I'll keep in mind that will be pushed to Github.

Muy interesante tu post

Technical question: if I see it well in this picture, does it load the exact data directly from GitHub from now on? Like it did with repository names?

Because that is awesome! I always prefer these small validations to prevent being prone to errors.

Sounds great..and all the best wishes to those who contributed their time, effort and others to become Utopian.io in this stage..
Also my special thanks to @elear to his special support

Hello @elear I just tried to sync with my git account but I couldn't..
Haven't the feature added yet?

hmm... good,,,,

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One thing I don't understand is: why must we use our active key in order to log into utopian.io?

Wonderfully with joy when will me in this project entry. So thanks with nice information about earn money. Really.

Wow. This is my first time checking out this project, highly intrigued I also took a look at the announcement. I love the Github integration! Will this be receiving Bitbucket/Gitlab integration as well or remain on GitHub for the time being?

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