Introducing dPoll - A poll app on the top of STEEM blockchain

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Special thanks to @oups for the logo. is an experimental application on the top of the STEEM blockchain. It has an account based voting system, where accounts may vote specific questions asked by other STEEM accounts.

It uses main STEEM posts as questions (polls), replies of the STEEM posts as votes. See an example poll and it's corresponding visualization on steemit.

Polls are great to learn opinions and preferences. I am sure that the STEEM users may come up with great use cases on this subject. One of the good things about storing the data in the blockchain is that the data cannot be tempered, changed, manipulated by an authority.

You can always check the real data and real numbers exactly from the immutable storage on the STEEM.

Creating Polls

Every time a poll is created, also bundles a couple of custom JSON in the json_metadata to make the filtering on the blockchain easier.


Dpoll, is a minimum viable product, at the moment. I have developed it as a one man team to join the Utopian hackathon.

That being said, it's considered as an alpha product, at the moment. This is a public testing stage where the users may encounter bugs and problems. Use it at your own risk.

Steemconnect integration and Security

To authorize STEEM users, dpoll uses Steemconnect. It's a kind of industry standard at the moment.

It never stores the keys of your accounts. Steemconnect tokens are stored as cryptographicly signed HTTP-only cookies. Adding support for private posting key logins is on the roadmap, but it's not prioritized yet.

How to create a poll?

After logging in with the Steemconnect in the website, click "create poll", and you're all set.

Open Source

Poll detail page

Dpoll is an open source Python/Django project lives under @emre/ Since this was initially a prototype for a hackathon, there are some ugly pieces needs to be refactored. So, feel free to work on issues and contribute to the project.

Roadmap and Ideas

  • Stake based voting. (optional)
  • Discussions on the polls to increase engagement.
  • A background indexer for a better decentralization
  • Better visualizations on results.
  • Editing polls.
  • Technical refactoring. Hello, hackathons! :)
  • Revamping the frontend.
  • Option to "vote" from Steemit or other interfaces via comments. That will not require any additional authorization.
Vote for me as a witness

I do my best to support the blockchain with my skills. If you want to support me, consider casting a vote on via Steemconnect or on


A while ago I also thought about building something like this, but I was to busy with my SteemWorld. Now you're coming up with a really nice solution :)

Great work!


I know you are pretty busy with the Steemworld, all the time :) dpoll is not on that level yet, but I can say it's a good start.

I want to say wow you did a beautiful job on this.
Did you really buy the website and code this whole thing in one day?

Of course.

Having 10+ year experience in programming gives you advantage on some things. :)

I would like to be good programmer like you

This is a great application. It is apps like this that will drive Steemit forward and help to make it more popular.

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Ace project for the hackathon mate! Nice work

Woot woot, I say for a quick hackathon project this is indeed a deserving trending post.

Congrats! I'm going to go answer the poll on notification :D

I'm planning on looking into Django. How is the learning curve on this? Either Django or look into Qasar with Python backend (if that's possible).

Good job @emrebeyler!

An application that allows to learn all Steemians' opinion in a simple way! Its logo also looks cool!


Good project, congrtz..

Well, I have to admit that this is an impressive development.

Thanks. :)

That's a nice dapp! I tried it out, and it seems to be working great. I have wished for a poll feature on the Steem blockchain for a while, and I've seen other people want it as well, so I'm sure there's a potential for a lot of usage with this.


There are a lot of ideas hovering around, let's see how it goes :)

Bunun yaratıcısı Emremi?

Bir dpoll hesabına ihtiyac var o zaman, çok beyendim.

Steemit hesabı ile siteye steemconnect ile giriş yapıp kullanabiliyorsunuz.

Dpoll da yazan kişileri oylamaq için dedim, steemite hareketlilik katacak bu dpoll

Congrats! This post is featured on my news show today :D

I think, this has a great potential to be developed as a full fledged dapp. May be there can be one team, who would publish the polls and then people answer them and get upvoted.

Love it... I was going to create something like this myself... but don't currently have the technical knowhow to pull it off. This looks great.

Thanks man, let me know if you have any ideas, feature requests :)

Cool idea. I saw your earlier post and almost commented that I actually know what MVP means. Thats about as far as my technical knowledge goes lol. Good luck with the hackathon :)

hahaha, thanks mate! :)

Projenin daha iyi yerlere gelmesini diliyorum üstad

Finally a poll on Steem!
Thanks mate! 👍👍

Nice idea. Great result in such a short time!

Oh goodness and here I was thinking just a day ago that STEEM is missing one of the more common and simple but most effective tools for audience engagement -- POLLS!

Here's to using the terrifying power of polls for the good of STEEM (audience engagement) and not the evil of traditional social media (harvesting private data -- hello Cambridge Analytica!)

Nice. But votes shoudnt be upvotes?

thanks for this app just tried it and it works fine :)

maybe in the future you could ad the option of more than 5 answers

Just increased the limit to 10. :)

Look forward for this rolling out. I woukd like to try it with my followers as I continue to engage with them and trying to understand how to improve.

Wow you got something really cool going on. I'm glad you posted this. I will be using dpoll soon.

That's gonna be fun, you may even think about some categorisation or filtering. I wonder if Utopian should use dpoll to pick the winner. :)

Cool and usefull project and quite an impressive amount of working code in a relatively short amount of time.
I thought of something that could potentially make it even more popular. Allow the creator of the poll to add a prize in SBD that will be paid to a randomly chosen voter.

My first thought was to pick a random winner among the ones that voted for the winning option, but that would create an unfortunate anchoring of votes where everyone would end up voting for the option they see being most likely to win. So a randomly selected winner would probably work better ;-)

With the Hack-a-thon well over, I have to ask if you considered entering the Byteball Use-a-Thon with that python library you earlier mentioned you had started working on. It would make a brilliant addition on top of/next to the JavaScript library that @fabien created? There's still plenty of time to join and take a shot at one of the prizes ;-)

It is great initiative. We were feeling need for such a product on steem and now its here. All the best. And do let us know whenever you like to viral it.

This is pretty awesome now if we combine this with steem-bounty we really have a cool option for getting great quantative feedback from steemians

What is steem-bounty? I have missed that.

It’s a bot! So you can set a reward on a post and when users engage with the post you upvote the comments you feel deserve a reward and those users split the bounty based on your upvote % you gave them! 95% is decided by the bounty owner and 5% by others who upvote comments in the bounty

Check it out at @steem-bounty

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This is such a great idea.. but we can't resteem the polls that would be an awesome

Himm, will think about it. Meantime, you can resteem on Steemit. Polls are traditional Steemit posts at the end. :)

Nice project. Keep it up

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Very nice.
Feature request:
Create sharing option with embed code.

Congratulations @emrebeyler!
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tmi iman niye kobore jao

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Just keep those dAPPs coming to the steem blockchain. The more bright ideas coming, being implemented and maintained the more stable is our blockchain.
By the way hows the prep for HF20?

Merhaba projede başarılar dilerim

I always wanted something like this, now its here. Nice! =D


I saw you resteem this @berniesanders. I can't wait. =)

Great project!

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Great idea! I would prefer an option for users to somehow vote without steemconnect. Be sure to announce when the next version comes out. Would like to experiment with it.

I just tried it on the ski lift poll


it wants my master password

bugger randomly passing that out...

Active key is enough and the app doesn't have any access to it. It's the Steemconnect asks your active key in your first login. (To set the posting authorities..)

Later, it will be possible to vote by commenting, but if you want to create polls, you need to do that step in the first time.

Great one! I hope multiple choices can be made in future versions.

Awesome idea ! Voting is one of the app where decentralization makes the most sense ! !applause

Please Upvote and follow me, I have Upvoted and followed you

Interesting this Steemit raminification for surveys. You have my support as a witness. Successes in everything good you undertake!

Please permit, I translate in language of Indonesia

Thanks for this @emrebeyler

I really like the work you have done here. I see how this could become something popular. But there is one thing missing, you can't upvote. Maybe it would make sense to add a feature to upvote the most interesting polls and display another category on the homepage with most popular polls. This will also create a financial incentive for people to use dpoll.

Congratulations! Links to your site and post were included in the wiki page Steem Ecosystem: A - L. Thanks and good luck again!

I think, I NEED a Feature, where you can set the Poll Expiration Date to ,,never".

Why can't you upvote on polls?