Contest Hero vs 1Ramp's Competitions (Clash of Steem dApps)

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If you've been using social networks for a while, you must have stumbled upon contests. Over the years, I've hosted some, participated in a few, and won some prizes too. It's interesting to see entrepreneurs use contests to grow their businesses. When a contest is done properly, it boosts online engagement, and increases your chances of going viral.

Steem as an interactive blockchain, houses quite a number of dApps with a contest feature. I've seen several contests on - the most popular Steem condenser. Most contest creators on Steem face some challenges whilst managing contests. Today, we'll be discussing two dApps on Steem that you can use to effectively manage contests.


What is Contest Hero?

Contest Hero is a web application built on the Steem blockchain, that allows users to create, manage, find and enter contests. Essential set of tools are provided for contests creators and contestants on Contest Hero.


What is 1Ramp?

If this is the first you've heard about 1Ramp, it is a social media platform that unites creatives based on their area(s) of specialisation. 1Ramp is also built on the Steem blockchain. It has a competition feature that allows contest creators to create and manage contests, while others participate. The competition feature was previously reviewed here - Reviewing 1Ramp's Competitions + App Updates

Contest Hero and 1Ramp are both open source projects. It is important to note that both projects are still in a beta phase. In this article, we'll be comparing Contest Hero with 1Ramp's competitions. We'll be featuring the current version of Contest Hero web app and the latest version of 1Ramp, where the Competitions tab is active.

Contest hero was created for contest creators and contestants, whereas 1Ramp's competitions was created for communities to grow. It happens that competitions is one key ingredient needed for community growth. So 1Ramp went ahead to add this ingredient. :D

We'll also be comparing the contest feeds, categories, contest rewards, contest posts, contest creation and contest participation of Contest Hero and 1Ramp. Let's start off with Contest feeds.

Contest Feeds

This is the first page you will see when you open Contest Hero's website or when you click on 1Ramp's competitions. It shows a list of contests (new and older ones) on both platforms. Both apps display this page beautifully. The displays are so attractive that you'll want to participate in a contest, even when you don't have the required skills.

• Image showing contests feeds on Contest Hero

On Contest Hero, you can sort according to category or prize. There is also an option to see newer or older contests. While on 1Ramp, there is no sorting of contest. Probably because there are not many contest on the page.

• Image showing contests feeds on 1Ramp

Sorting is important when there are many contest posts, because it makes it easier to find the ones you're interested in. I particularly wouldn't be interested in searching for a contest, if it can't be easily sorted out.


When you are creating a contest on Contest Hero, there are five categories. Namely; Writing, Design, Photo, Giveaways and Others. The Giveaways category is the most used category on Contest Hero. The giveaways are usually for Steem Monsters' packs. It's been months now and I still haven't tried Steem Monsters. I might just try the game one of these days.

On 1Ramp, it is quite different. Contests are related to communities. So when creating a contest, you select the communities you are targeting. There are 8 communities. You can chose to create a contest for Art, Dance, Travel, Literature, Film, Photography, Fashion or Design communities. Currently, there are no active contests on 1Ramp. So you'll only find expired ones.

There are three similar categories on both Contest Hero and 1Ramp's competions. They are: Writing, Design, Photography. In my previous post on 1Ramp's communities, I mentioned how some creatives were neglected, as some categories are yet to be added. However, I think even more are neglected on Contest Hero. Using Others to catergorise the missing ones is too ambiguous, and it gives the impression that they're less important. Nevertheless, Contest Hero is still new, with time I guess they'll work on this.

Contest Rewards

There are several ways to reward contestants on Contest Hero and 1Ramp. On contest Hero, contestants can be rewarded with steem, steem dollars (SBD), Steem Monsters' cards and others. While on 1Ramp contestants can be rewarded with steem, steem dollars and miscellaneous. There was a contest organised by 1Ramp some weeks back were branded gifts were included.

Including Steem Monster's cards is a good one from Contest Hero. It shows their support for other steem projects. For the growth of steem, dApps need to interact with one another and foster strong relationship. On the other hand, 1Ramp inclusion of gifts is also fascinating. Who doesn't like gifts? Definitely not me :)

• Image showing post view on Contest Hero

Contest Posts (Post View)

When you click on a post on Contest Hero, it shows the contest title, writeup by the contest creator, duration, contest creator profile, prize and entries. There is also a tab for winners. Contest creators can write a few things about themselves that they want contestants to know.

• Image showing a post view on 1Ramp

On 1Ramp, clicking on a contest post shows the title, prizes, description, rules, duration and tag to use if you are participating from other steem condensers. On that same page, you'll also find the judges, and entries. There's an option to share entries to other social networks. At the end of a contest, there is a button labelled "see winners". That tab shows contests winners according to their ranks in a decreasing order.

Multiple judges can be included on 1Ramp. This means, I can create a contest and select some professionals to decide the winners. That is a common practice in real life competitions. Contest Hero doesn't have this feature.

The challenge with 1Ramp's contest post is that the app force stops with any interruption on internet connection. One time, I had to log into the app with Steemconnect again. On Contest Hero, it shows automated comments and comments made on contest posts with other steem condensers. I don't think there is any need for this, since these comments are not viewed as relevant entries. Example of an automated comment is that of steem-ua.

Contest Creation

Anyone can create contests on Contest Hero, whereas only selected persons can create contests on 1Ramp. To create a contest on Contest Hero, all you have to do is sign in with your steem account using steemconnect. To create a contest on 1Ramp, you have to contact 1Ramp team.

I would say it is easier to create a contest on Contest Hero than 1Ramp, since I don't have to contact anyone in order to create contests. I suggest 1Ramp open the contest feature to all. To manage spamming, they can set standards. If these standards are not meant, they can simply remove the contest from the Competitions' page.

• Participating on 1Ramp's competitions from other steem condensers

Contests Participation

On both platforms, users can participate in contests unless otherwise stated by the contest creator. On 1Ramp contests, users of other Steem condensers can participate by using a specific tag when posting their entries. Recently, in a writing contest hosted by 1Ramp, the first prize winner used Partiko to participate.

It is a different scenario on Contest Hero, it seems the platform only recognises entries that are made through the platform. To the best of my knowledge, participation with other steem condensers aren't implemented. I may be wrong. Who knows?


Contest Hero supports Steem Keychain integration and Steemconnect. Steem Keychain is a chrome extension with which users can interact with supported steem-based websites without using any steem keys. It's a relatively new security layer.

1Ramp makes use of only Steemconnect. Steemconnect is the most popular security layer on Steem. With Steemconnect you don't have to actually login into different websites. I think both security layers are okay.


Once you know your target audience, Contest Hero and 1Ramp will prove helpful with their contest features. A feature that is fancied by most social network enthusiasts. There are rooms for improvements on both platforms, and I'm glad they are ready to improve.

If you want a sorting feature, free Steem Monster's cards, and Steem keychain security options, then Contest Hero is just what you're looking for. However, If you prefer a wider community range and would like an option to select judges, then 1Ramp is your best bet.

I have fallen in love with the Clash of Steem dApps series I started some weeks back. Most likely, I'll continue comparing dApps on the Steem blockchain. I hope you're enjoying it half as much as I enjoy bringing it to you. Goodbye for now.

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