Busy 2.5.1 Bug: Edit post button doesn't show the post data in the editor initially

in #utopian-io5 years ago

Project Information

Expected behavior

When you click the edit post button the title, body, tags etc... should show in the editor without needing to reload the page.

Actual behavior

The editor is blank until you refresh the page or go to another draft and back again.

How to reproduce

  • Visit https://staging.busy.org
  • Go to edit a post you have made
  • You are taken to the editor page but the title, body, tags etc... are blank.

Recording Of The Bug

Possible solution

Introduced in #2054

This redirects to the editor before the user's metadata has been updated with the new draft

if (redirect) dispatch(push(`/editor?draft=${post.id}`));

The solution would be to redirect once the promise has been fulfilled

promise: addDraftMetadata(post).then(postMetadata => {
          if (redirect) dispatch(push(`/editor?draft=${post.id}`));
          return postMetadata;

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Hi @jrawsthorne, thanks for the contribution.

I see the PO already fixed it in this commit. Good job pointing the cause and proposing a fix.

My feedback:

  1. The submission title follows the Utopian convention except for the addition of "bug" to the app name in the title. Its kind of reduntant cause we already know this to be a bug post.

  2. The steps to reproduce, the expected and actual behavior provided clear information. Easy to read through :).

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Hey @jrawsthorne
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