Busy.org Bug: Post with no json_metadata crashes the whole page

in #utopian-io5 years ago

Project Information

Expected behavior

When a post doesn't contain any json_metadata the site should continue to work as normal.

Actual behavior

Any piece of code that tries to read a property of the JSON object when it's null will cause an error and the app will crash.

An example is

if (_.indexOf(postMetaData.app, 'steemit') === 0) {
  canonicalHost = 'https://steemit.com';

postMetaData.app will cause an error which is what can be seen in the developer console.

How to reproduce

If you got to a post with no json_metadata like this one https://busy.org/@steemed/dan-cant-censor-with-51pct the whole page crashes. If you go to a user who's reblogged it such as https://busy.org/@berniesanders the page crashes once that post is rendered

An example of a post with empty metadata

Recording Of The Bug

Crash when you visit the post

Crash when you visit the blog of someone who's reblogged the post

Possible solution

The easiest solution is to check whether the parsed json_metadata is null before trying to read properties from it. The project uses lodash so

if (_.indexOf(postMetaData.app, 'steemit') === 0) {
  canonicalHost = 'https://steemit.com';

could become

if (_.isNull(postMetaData) || _.indexOf(postMetaData.app, 'steemit') === 0) {
  canonicalHost = 'https://steemit.com';

However there are many ways to fix this bug so the developers may choose a different solution.

GitHub Account



I was able to reproduce this bug on my machine.

Busy was updated this morning.
Previous bugs are now fixed. Seems new bug arrived.

Hello @jrawsthorne,
As a result of the recent update on the GitHub report of this Bug, I'll be re-scoring and provide you a feedback over this bug.

The Issue itself was a Major and greatly defined in your report.
It is a good thing we have contributors like you and an appreciation, I'll be Staff-picking this post from Bug-hunting category.

Thank you so much for creating FOSS Projects better.

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Hello @jrawsthorne,
I am the Community Manager of Bug-hunting.
Your post is really well formatted and of high quality. Sadly, I couldn't staff-pick it this time. But, I hope to get some more great posts from you in future.
Good Work!! Keep it up

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Hi @jrawsthorne, thanks for leaving us this report.

Your post is almost perfect, possessing the attributes and makings of a staff pick. Sadly, the issue was already fixed and cannot be reproduced on staging.busy.org. I am guessing the developers at busy were aware of the bug and had it fixed prior to now. The new changes and fixes should be live on the release set for monday.

I apologise for any inconvenience encountered as a result. :(

Its great to have you with us. We look forward to your next contribution.

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Thanks @fego. I'm still not sure how it has been fixed on staging because I can reproduce the bug when I run it from source. Maybe the fix hasn't been merged yet or something. Will continue to search for bugs

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