Busy.org: Reblogged username disappears when you like a post

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Project Information

Expected behavior

When you like a post it should still show who reblogged it in the header of the post.

Actual behavior

The user that reblogged the post disappears from the header.

How to reproduce

Go to your personal feed and find a post that one of the people you follow has reblogged. Like that post and you will see the username of the person that reblogged it disappear. When you refresh the page again the username is back.

  • Browser/App version: Opera 53
  • Operating system: Windows 10

Recording Of The Bug


If you open the redux developer tools you can see that the array that holds the reblogged users becomes empty which might have something to do with the problem.

Before like:

After like:

GitHub Account



Hi, this issue is easily reproducible, which is really nice. I can see that you did not submit it to the issue tracker. Could you do it? If there is an issue that is not recorded in the tracker, it is less likely that they will fix it.

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