Development Update #3: Updated Design, Recommended, Actors Page and New Post Page

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New Features

#1 Updated design

Media page

I updated the design of the media page so it could show more information without taking up as much space. On the right it now shows the three main actors and the genres associated with it.

Posts preview

I also updated the design of the posts preview to specify a fixed height. This fixed issues I was having with images not lining up.

#2 Recommended movies/shows

At the end of each post and media page there is a carousel showing recommended movies or shows. In the future I aim to show posts as well in this section that match the items in the carousel.

Additional commits

Fix 'No title' for recommended show
Recommended: Show 2 on wider screen. Show 10 most popular
Recommended styles
Add similar to append_to_response

#3 Actors page

You can click on an actor and see the most popular films/shows they have been in.

#4 New post page design

You can now search for a movie or show to write your post about or click the new post button and it will be autofilled.

Bug Fixes

Fixed the performance impact of the react-dotdotdot 3rd party dependency.
I've switched back to simply using the character count to shorten text.

GitHub Account


  • WYSIWYG editor for post body
  • Write post to blockchain with JSON metadata
  • Like,comment
  • Add filters for trending,popular... to home and media page
  • New table in database for media items with genres so can get all posts of a certain genre
  • Genres page
  • Profile page redesign

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@codingdefined Thanks for the review. I should have put it in the post but I went through and commented everything. You can see that in this commit. Hopefully the score can be ammended.

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