Major bug fixes in Susi Desktop

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Bug Fixes

What was the issue(s)?

  • The electron version used in the app was old and had critical security issues. Which was stated by me in this issue made - #105

  • Clicking the link in the app didnt open the link in new window or browser. This was highlighted by me in this issue - #106

  • The package manager must be updated to yarn as yarn is cooler than npm. It was stated in this issue - #107

  • The travis and codacy had conflicts in thier checks which made one of them fail always whiihc was stated in the issue here - #109.

What was the solution?

  • For opening the link in another window there were two options node-open package or open-external. I worked it out with open external as it is inbuilt in electron library.
    Following code segment was used for it -
webview.addEventListener('new-window', e => {
        const protocol = require('url').parse(e.url).protocol;
        if (protocol === 'http:' || protocol === 'https:') {
  • Electron update was done with the correct commad.
  • npm was replaced with yarn
  • For codacy to be configured i alignment with Travis I added .eslintrc.js. This added config for Codacy to perform checks in a PR.

Technology Stack

  • Electron JS.

How to contribute?

Feel free to fork and contribute to codebase.
Click here to go to the repository.

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