NPM wrapper for Open Food Facts Perl API

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Open Food Facts Nodejs Wrapper

Recently I became part of Open Food Facts an organisation which is a database of food products all over the world.

Visit here for the website -

What is the project about?

Open Food Facts is a centralised database of all food products from all over the world thier server is made on Perl. They wanted an Node API Wrapper. So I was ready to make one for them.

Technology Stack

  • NodeJS

Work Done

I have added the getProduct() function using barcode and added getBrands() function using function chaining to achieve it using country wise.


To make a complete API wrapper for thier API.

How to contribute?

Open Food Facts needs lot of good developers to work on thier projects as they are growing faster.

Check here, For the organisation.

For the Node Module Check here

We have used Angular commit method and all-contributors for highlighting all the contributors.

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Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.


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