Coinmarketcap_api_ex v2.0.0 released [open source Elixir/Erlang client for]

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This release implements support for the second version of Coinmarketcap API with minimal changes to API structure.

All CMC API endpoints are called using fetch_#{endpoint} functions and return success tuple with %CoinmarketcapApi.Response{} containing :data and :metadata.


Configuration is not required.



More docs and example return values can be found at hexdocs.


All ticker related functions return either a Ticker struct or a list of Ticker structs.

  • CoinmarketcapApi.fetch_ticker()
  • CoinmarketcapApi.fetch_ticker([start: 100, limit: 50])
  • CoinmarketcapApi.fetch_ticker([start: 100, limit: 50, convert: "EUR"])
  • CoinmarketcapApi.fetch_ticker(1)
  • CoinmarketcapApi.fetch_ticker(1, convert: "EUR")

Ticker structs have the following shape:

  circulating_supply: 17035225,
  id: 1,
  last_updated: ~N[2018-05-15 17:44:33],
  max_supply: 21000000,
  name: "Bitcoin",
  quotes: %{
    "USD" => %CoinmarketcapApi.Quote{
      market_cap: 145773657018.0,
      percent_change_1h: -0.26,
      percent_change_24h: -2.54,
      percent_change_7d: -7.03,
      price: 8557.19,
      volume_24h: 6.69447e9
  rank: 1,
  symbol: "BTC",
  total_supply: 17035225,
  website_slug: "bitcoin"

Ticker values are parsed to the most fitting Elixir datatypes:

  • id -> Integer
  • last_updated -> NaiveDateTime
  • {total,circulating,max}_supply -> Integer


fetch_listings function returns all active cryptocurrency listings. You can then use fetch_ticker(id) to query more information for a specific cryptocurrency.

Global Data

fetch_global_data returns the global data found at the top of coinmarketcap.


Hello, could you point me to the right github repro? thanks

Sure, here it is -- repo link

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