Steemex v0.14 released: now with official Steemit API support [open source Elixir library for Steem]

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This release implements official Steemit API (also known as condenser) client, adds HTTP transport for JSONRPC calls to steemd, improves configuration options.

Repos and docs

New features

  • Steemit API client for condenser JSONRPC API at
  • HTTP transport client for steemd JSONRPC API calls
  • Customizable configuration for HTTP and Websockets tranports
    • To use websockets transport set :api to jsonrpc_ws_api and :api_url to wss://
    • To use http set :api to jsonrpc_http_api and :api_url to

Commit history


  • Add latest blockchain ops
  • Add more structured ops and transformations
  • Add transaction broadcast

About Elixir

Elixir is a functional programming language with superior concurrency primitives, distributed computation and fault tolerance capabilities based on Erlang/OTP.

Personally, I am really happy with my bet on Elixir to build cryptotokens related apps and strongly recommend to learn more about Elixir and Erlang ecosystem.

Learning resources:



Thank you for your contribution. A great library, but do you have an example code so that user can be made familiar with basic stuff.

Need help? Write a ticket on

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Thanks, @codingdefined!

Sure, there are examples for:

  • JSONRPC methods tests that contain examples for most calls
  • Return values examples for JSONRPC methods are provided in the documentation for specific APIs
  • Example of a stateful streaming consumer module
  • Example of configuration values for different transports

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