Waveschainex 0.1 release: Elixir/Erlang client for WAVES REST API

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I'm releasing Waveschainex 0.1, a first version of Elixir/Erlang client for WAVES blockchain REST API.

Repos and docs

Release commit history


Default setting for WAVES nodes API is https://nodes.wavesnodes.com.

To configure a custom url use the following config setings:

config :waveschainex,
  waves_node_url: "YOUR_CUSTOM_URL"

Implemented API methods

All functions are documented, covered by tests and include typespecs.

Address module

  • balance(client, address, _opts \\ []): Account's balance
  • data(client, address, _opts \\ []): Read all data posted by an account using Data Transactions
  • public_key(client, address, _opts \\ []): Generate a address from public key

Block module

  • at(client, height, _opts \\ []): Get block at specified height
  • height(client, _opts \\ []): Get blockchain height
  • last(client, _opts \\ []): Get last block data
  • signature(client, signature, _opts \\ []): Get block for specified Base58 signature

Asset module

  • balance(client, address, asset_id, _opts \\ []): Account balance by given asset
  • balances(client, address, _opts \\ []): Account's balances for all assets
  • details(client, asset_id, _opts \\ []): Provides detailed information about given asset

Transaction module

  • info(client, id, _opts \\ []): Get transaction info
  • unconfirmed(client, _opts \\ []): Get list of unconfirmed transactions

Node module

  • status(client, _opts \\ []): Get status of the running node
  • version(client, _opts \\ []): Get Waves node version

About Elixir

Elixir is a functional programming language with superior concurrency primitives, distributed computation and fault tolerance capabilities based on Erlang/OTP. Personally, I am really happy with my bet on Elixir to build cryptocurrency related apps and strongly recommend to learn more about Elixir and Erlang ecosystem.

Learning resources:



Thanks for the contribution, @ontofractal. Admittedly I don't know much about Elixir, but looking at some of the style guides I found you seem to follow all best practices and it's great you also write documentation + tests at the same time - keep up the good work!

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Thank you for the review, @amosbastian!

Hey @ontofractal
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