Waveschainex 0.2 release: Elixir/Erlang client for WAVES REST API

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I'm releasing Waveschainex 0.2, an update of Elixir API client for WAVES API.

Repos and docs

Release commit history


Default setting for WAVES nodes API is https://nodes.wavesnodes.com.

To configure a custom url use the following config setings:

config :waveschainex,
  waves_node_url: "YOUR_CUSTOM_URL"


All functions are documented, covered by tests and include typespecs.

Address module

  • get_data_item: Read data associated with an account and a key
  • balance_details: Details for balance
  • alias_of_address: Returns a collection of aliases associated with an Address
  • address_of_alias: Returns an address associated with an Alias.

Block module

  • first: Get genesis block data
  • child: Get children of specified block
  • seq: Get block at specified heights
  • address: Get list of blocks generated by specified address

Peers module

  • connected_peers: Connected peers list

Transaction module

  • utx_transaction_info: Get transaction that is in the UTX
  • address_limit: Get list of transactions where specified address has been involved
  • utx_size: Get number of unconfirmed transactions in the UTX pool

Consensus module

  • algo: Shows which consensus algo being using

Asset module

  • balance_distribution: Asset balance distribution by account

About Elixir

Elixir is a functional programming language with superior concurrency primitives, distributed computation and fault tolerance capabilities based on Erlang/OTP. Personally, I am really happy with my bet on Elixir to build cryptocurrency related apps and strongly recommend to learn more about Elixir and Erlang ecosystem.

Learning resources:



Thanks for the contribution, @ontofractal! Very cool to see that you are still working on this - great work!

One thing I'd like to note is that in Utopian's guidelines it says that we only take commits made, or pull requests merged, in the last 14 days into account when reviewing a contribution. The majority of the changes in this release are from months ago. I have tried being a bit lenient with this guideline, but even so, I'd like to ask you to keep that in mind for future contributions.

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Thank you for your review, @amosbastian!

So far this week you've reviewed 8 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the review, @amosbastian! I'll make sure to remember the 14 days rule in the future.

Finding happiness in what we do is the strength behind every improvement.

I am really happy with my bet on Elixir to build cryptocurrency related apps and strongly recommend to learn more about Elixir and Erlang ecosystem.

I’m humbled by your humility and quest to learn more.

I’m a friend @maxdevalue

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