URGENT! Stolen Meme Bid Bot Abuser Network Detected!

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🚨Attention🚨ALL STEEMIANS 🎮🎮🎮, The Reward Pool is in great danger🆘, and it needs YOUR help to wipe out 💀 all the meme ripoff artists in the bid bots' voting queue 🏢🏢🏢.



Fellow Content Creators of the Steem Blockchain,

Lend me your ears!

         A certain network of bid bot abusing meme ripoff artists has surfaced and are currently making a mockery of our curation system. This was revealed via the negative curation efforts by the SFR team. May we put pressure on these bot owners to act as this abuse cannot continue for the sake of Steem.

         Please, help us to address this abuse network for the future of Steem. We must preserve Proof-of-Brain to achieve the best memes on the web! Otherwise, @smartmeme will be a sad panda.

         Here are a number of accounts involved and a short gif of a few of their blogs. If you notice, they like to boost their posts on the third day. Hmmm. I wonder why??? /s



Here's a handy comma separated list for my fellow coders!

'assblasto', 'boba-bola', 'crittik', 'doggos', 'earl47', 'extrathicc', 'flarben', 'gregory78', 'hierophant', 'hurgusburbus','kraton','leonidys', 'peacewalker', 'thicksauc', 'toddbonzales', 'xeroni'

We are working on pulling all upvotes via Beem for action but we have notified a couple of bot owners hoping for the best. We have seen some action but not much relatively. Once the results are compiled, they wll be shared in the comments.

Flag Forces Assemble!

         Here are the downvote warriors that have met the enemy but they have laughed at our current offense. We call to battle every Steemian that believes in proof-of-brain. Let your stake be heard against these abusers!

DownvoterSBD amountrsharesRankImage
@rok-sivante-21.383-3.67023E+13F8 Hero 10 Tril
@kalif-1.785-3.06372E+12F7 Bow Master 1 Tril
@slobberchops-1.438-2.46835E+12F7 Bow Master 1 Tril
@rabbitbot-0.352-6.03706E+11F6 Mage 100 Bil
@revisesociology-0.303-5.20863E+11F6 Mage 100 Bil
@lyndsaybowes-0.271-4.64409E+11F6 Mage 100 Bil
@noblebot-0.265-4.54426E+11F6 Mage 100 Bil
@ayasha-0.187-3.20182E+11F6 Mage 100 Bil
@flagawhale-0.148-2.53428E+11F6 Mage 100 Bil
@anthonyadavisii-0.141-2.42524E+11F6 Mage 100 Bil
@admiralbot-0.137-2.35745E+11F6 Mage 100 Bil
@freebornangel-0.136-2.32934E+11F6 Mage 100 Bil
@honarparvar-0.113-1.93312E+11F6 Mage 100 Bil
@minnowbuilder10-0.08-1.38141E+11F6 Mage 100 Bil
@crokkon-0.062-1.05929E+11F6 Mage 100 Bil
@sadkitten4-0.047-80766457554F5 BirdMan 10 Bil
@luegenbaron-0.02-33611072977F5 BirdMan 10 Bil
@matkodurko-0.014-24472988878F5 BirdMan 10 Bil
@investwarrior-0.011-18663755293F5 BirdMan 10 Bil
@dk853311-0.007-11390560639F5 BirdMan 10 Bil
@nathen007-0.006-9865749727F4 Knight 1 Bil
@smartmeme-0.001-1844157429F4 Knight 1 Bil
@jamesjac0-589919586F3 Swordsman 100 Mil
@juicyjules02020-554131311F3 Swordsman 100 Mil
@inspirationfeed0-492170910F3 Swordsman 100 Mil
@shit-posts0-252218132F3 Swordsman 100 Mil


         Not too many know this but I am an offshoot of @steemflagrewards and the reason behind my existence is to focus on the abuse of memes. I believe memes are an excellent mode of expression and it is a shame that abusers have hijacked the rewards instead of it going to original creations. Let's change that together.

         Eventually, @smartmeme will have it's own meme ranks and rewards bot for fighting meme-abuse so stay tuned! Lastly, this post will serve as a flag rewards campaign against the above identified accounts. Liquid rewards will be distributed to all downvoters.

Would you like to delegate to the Steem Flag Rewards project and promote decentralized moderation? Here are some handy delegation links!

50 SP100 SP500 SP1000 SP



Greetings @smartmeme!

Hope your holidays have been going well. For the sake of professional conduct, this review will not comprise of only memes.

Memes are fun and should spread far and wide. Unfortunately, some on the platform believe it is okay for them to copy/paste them as their sole content. What is worse is that they are purchasing votes from promotional services.

I understand promotional services prefer not to judge the quality of content. But, in this case, there seem to be no content to begin with. There are too many original memes underappreciated, such as @rossenpavlov who commented here.

I would also like to point out that I see the network of accounts in communication with this Steemian:


Part of me believe this farming operation is also related to the Byteball airdrop. Now, that is just a theory...of game theory.

Thank you for reading.

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Thank you for your review, @enforcer48! Keep up the good work!

Bot owners. If you are on this list, please review, take action and update your blacklists according. Please, help us to stop this abuse of the platform. Thank you!

Note: Disregard total upvotes. Bug with the counter. (I think?)

DownvoterTotal UpvotesSBD amount

Wait? @hierophant is a poster, not a bot, right?

Sorry to break it down to ya but Steem is just a market for votes.

Pretty much. Wasn't much better before bots, though.

We had whales.

They still exist.

Hence, the reason Steem price should fall as low as possible IMO. Even the best toilets needs a little flushing.

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It's become that way and seems like wasted potential to be a market for super dank and original memes vs the circle-jerkery that is.

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