SteemPlus for Firefox now available on Mozilla Addons store + Bug Fixes

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SteemPlus for Firefox

Until now, one had to use the Chrome Foxified plugin to use SteemPlus on Firefox. It was a pain to use and required every update to be done manually. Moreover, it recently stopped working, apparently, so we decided it was time to properly support the Firefox users and make the extension available on the Store.

After some changes in the code, here it is : SteemPlus for Firefox. Please help us rate the extension!

Bug fixes

We have also been working on cleaning our Github issues and fixed the following :

  • Disappearing scrollbar
  • Some features that stopped working because of the deprecation of the v2 of SteemConnect
  • Some CSS change for better appearance

You can find the Pull Request here

Installation and updates

You can download and install SteemPlus directly from the Chrome Store if you are using Chrome or Firefox(follow this link for Chrome, this one for Firefox ).
For installation procedures on Opera, please check our documentation.

Updates shouls occur automatically. If not, click right on the extension logo > Manage my extensions > Update.

Steem on!

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  • I'm wondering is "Sisappearing" is a technical term when things disappear six times in a row?
  • I was thinking you were missing instructions for install, but no, it's just that simple.
  • I see one more step for a https world.
  • I would love to say more comments are always welcomed and that you need to show your code in the post, but css is harder to showcase. Surprise me!

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Oops fixed the typo!
I actually mistakenly used the utopian-io tag.
Since we ve closed 14 issues, this took us quite some time but it didn t reflect on the number of lines so I didn t want to submit it as an Utopian contribution. Glad you saw beyond the mere number of lines. =)

Thank you for your review, @helo!

So far this week you've reviewed 6 contributions. Keep up the good work!

A must for all Steemians! Seriously!

Take Steemit to another level!


Je suis trop content. J'attendais la version Firefox depuis toujours.

Es-ce qu'il n'y avait pas un moyen de voir tous les postes d'un account dans un timeline?

Si si, c est l histogramme, il me semble qu'il est désactivé par défaut, cliques sur le logo de SteemPlus en haut a droite de ta fenêtre pour ouvrir la popup SteemPlus, puis dans Settings, active le Blog Histogram vers la fin de la liste. Enjoy ;)

Good new. Recently figured out how to stop (limit) Chrome hogging so much memory, but have always had FF running because the good addons have worked better on it.

We ll keep pushing updates on both stores from now on.

Lovely for Firefox user.

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Good news for Firefox users. Thanks for this development.

Awesome! Are you guys also working on adding this to the Brave browser? In anycase, anything that moves me away from Chrome is a good thing. I'm really trying hard to get myself from being under the microscope of big corps.

I ve tried and it should work directly on Brave. The thing is that we don t really support the different style that s used on mobile devices.

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Great news ! I had never managed to make it worked on firefox before and was running chrome just for steemit

Yea Chrome Foxified sucks! Glad to hear you were running a browser just for us ^ ^

Excellent. Just installed it on Firefox for another account of mine! Works perfectly!

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That is awesome I have used Firefox for many years and I believe still a lot of people use it. Great job.

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Good one as i really like this feature disappearing scrollbar . Good one keep it up.

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