ngx-steem-keychain 1.1: Buffer Signing and Broadcast Available

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New Features

This release synchronizes ngx-steem-keychain with Steem Keychain extension version 1.1.4 as current available on the Chrome extension store. The following public methods were added to SteemKeychainService:

  • requestSignBuffer - Sign a buffer with the selected private key (proxy to signature.Signature.signBuffer from steem-js).
  • requestBroadcast - Broadcast any operation to the blockchain (proxy to steem.broadcast.send from steem-js).
  • requestSignedCall - Execute a signed call (proxy to steem.api.signedCall from steem-js).

To see all changes, compare what is new with the 1.0 release.

Example: Claim Reward Balance

Any blockchain operation can be now broadcasted to the blockchain. The following snippet illustrates how to claim rewards for the selected user (having SteemKeychainService injected as this.steemKeychain):

  username: string,
  rewardSteem: string,
  rewardSbd: string,
  rewardVests: string
): Observable<any> {

  return this.steemKeychain.requestBroadcast(username, [
    new Operation('claim_reward_balance', {
      account: username,
      reward_steem: rewardSteem,
      reward_sbd: rewardSbd,
      reward_vests: rewardVests,
  ], 'Posting');

Using this method I managed to claim reward balance:


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Yeah, just syncing with the current Steem Keychain release, you know ;-)

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So I have been thinking why is it that I haven’t ported my activities to Steeve yet. One of the main reasons is that there is no separate "recommendation feed". Sometimes I’m not interested in the recommendations and they only flood my feed. And when I am interested in recommendations, I don’t need to see my regular feed.

Feel free to create an issue in the issue tracker ;-)

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