I don't know if words in any language will be able to express our gratitude for this Initiative.
It has been a long and rocky road that has brought us to this day.
I can say that the team we have assembled will do our very best to achieve the desired goal.
We will not stop until the blockchain has been freed of abuse.
We will prevail, Steem will succeed.

Wish you all the best!

We will not stop until the blockchain has been freed of abuse.

Abusers always find new way to cheat the system, this will be a never ending challenge, I'm so happy someone like you is brave enough to take it.

We are optimistic that with enough information, awareness and backup with flagging we can deter the abuse level to a minimum.
The entire community needs to realize the importance of appropriate flagging followed with helpful information. When the established members of our community become comfortable flagging properly, all will change quickly.

There is an expression

An armed society is a polite society

I think that applies to flagging as well. We need that politeness on Steem blockchain dApps.

If we all desire long term success over quick short term gratification this will happen. Until then the abuse levels will grow with adoption of the platform. We must not allow this.

Arggh matey!

On behalf of all the other anti-abuse mateys, thank you Utopian. Such a powerful fleet is always appreciated.

Thank you Utopian. The anti-abuse communities appreciate this initiative. We will be on constant lookout for abuse and spreading awareness on anti-abuse efforts.

He @everyone look here 👆 that lady is the one. She is the best teammate, partner, friend, mother, wife.
She is the one who has helped me every step of the way.

Make friends with her because she is full of mercy, patient, kind, and the most loving human being I have ever known.

This is great. I am full of admiration for the hard-working people around @steemflagrewards. A lot of them don't have that much SP, but they still take the risk of flagging those who abuse this amazing platform. It's great that they have the support of several witnesses. They have been able to get delegation withdrawn from accounts and to get people blacklisted from 'bid bots'. It's a lot of work, but it makes Steem better.

I thank you all.

Gosh @steevc if not for guys like you we would not be able to make a difference.
Thanks for all your time, thoughtfulness, and help in so many areas.
I look forward to working with you in the future cleaning up the garbage around here.

It's my genuine pleasure. It's up to us to clean up the mess, but I hope many more will join us.

Awesome to see this category added and efforts appreciated.

Its awesome to have friends like you. Thanks for what you do to make steem dApps better all day everyday. I look forward to many more new and exciting projects we can work together on.
You are one of the guys that puts your money where your mouth is and backs up your words with actions!

the best abuse figthers

Did you mean fighters?
Is there a spell check or proofing rewards program? 😃

Some of my favourite peoples @iamstan @lovenfreedom @enforcer48 @anthonyadavisii @naturicia 😊

Great project, great people involved!

Thanks for your daily help cleaning up the garbage. We have lots of trash and trashy folks spreading scum all over the platform. Someone has to clean it up or there will be no way to navigate through the mess.

One sad thing is that so many equate free speech with no consequences.
There has never been a day like that. With every action there will always be a reaction.

I teach my children there are two rules

1 dont hurt people. 2 dont hurt peoples stuff.

I think you understand this. Most of our problems with abuse stem from a lack of knowledge and a lack of understanding of that knowledge.

I think a big part is laziness too, no one wants to spend any time doing anything, it's easier to just steal stuff.

It's long overdue we should have an awareness campaign promoting anti-abuse activity like this.
Thank you so much for supporting the good cause.
Especially on Steem, there's a lack of certain safeguards against toxic content.

Thanks for understanding and your hard work helping us.
I can see you going a long way in life and in Steem.
Congrats on your future fatherhood. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Great project, it was our pleasure to help contribute to it thus far.

Thanks for your daily help and your insight and friendship. This project might not have never happened without you.

I highly appreciate this. Many thanks for the support of the anti-abuse initiative! We'll all work for a better and worthwhile Steemit. :)

Wow @serylt what can I say you are a tough guy. I like your art and your battle stance. I would fight along side you any day over most of the people in the world.
You are a stand up guy.
Don't ever quit believing in yourself, that is half the battle.
Thanks for your help and friendship.

That's really great to hear!

I am excited to see what kind of contributions will be there.

Good Luck!!

Thanks for helping us get it started. It is great working with you and look forward to any fun times working together.

This is an amazing initiative and I am looking forward to see more suggestions / actions for making steem a better place for us!
I also fully support @iamstan, as I know his excellent work!
Resteemed and I hope I will be able to contribute too : )

Thank You. We are all grateful for the help you have given us.
It is that help we get from awesome steemians like yourself, that enables us to do what we do!

That's really awesome! I'm glad to see that some @steemflagrewards members will be taking on this challenge, they certainly have the experience required.

I really hope this makes it through the trial period, I'd be more than happy to participate after this 'beta' is over.

I like this, so does/will this Anti-abuse is related to #STEEM blockchain and #Utopian-io or does it extend more, to any Open Source project?

We hope to build a model that will work for any blockchain platform.

I don't have technical skills, but the concept of a self-policing, decentralized platform is one aspect of Steemit that attracted me in the first place. Utopian-io's anti-abuse initiative is important to the health and growth of Steemit. I'll support in any way I can. Resteemed.

Great initiative! Interested to see the results of the first month. 🚀

Great idea ... this will provide the needed support for the anti abuse fighters and essentially make steemit a better place for all of us.