Utopian is joining a new family! Imminent Changes

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We would like to inform you that after several months of discussions, Utopian is ready to announce a big switch; a new company, comprised of a group of private European entrepreneurs with proven experience in managing and growing innovative startups on the blockchain and beyond, is getting formed.


New company, new management

As part of our strategic changes, a new board of directors is forming. We are planning to host a public video conference session to officially present the amazing people of the board and the new team members as soon as the transition is completed.

New brand

To make sure there is a clear transition between our Proof of Concept platform and operations and the final product, Utopian will undertake a full rebranding. Thus, expect changes to our current domain name, Steem accounts, and all our online properties. While we are not ready to fully disclose information about the new brand, we will make sure to provide all the exciting news in upcoming updates.

Some facts

  • Utopian was the first PoC platform to reward open-source contributors via a blockchain-based reward mechanism
  • Utopian has facilitated over 1.5M USD in crypto incentives for open-source initiatives
  • Utopian was the first PoC platform to incentivize contributions beyond the code, including copywriting, graphic design, data analysis and more

The former CEO Diego Pucci, on the transition:

“We are forming a professional team of entrepreneurs, to back the development and growth of the Utopian project with a solid budget and an amazing set of skills. This is the ultimate step to drive Utopian forward and I am beyond excited about it. Utopian has been an incredible adventure, through which I have learned so much. I can say without a doubt that Utopian has been the most valuable journey in my career so far, especially thanks to the collaboration of so many talented professionals on the blockchain. I am now ready to hand over the management of the company, with great confidence and high expectations in the new team. I am personally going to focus on the growth of our project where I believe I can bring the most value, joining as a member of the Advisory board, with a special focus on the tech department.”

Imminent Changes

It is important that we use this opportunity to inform you about our most imminent changes.

In order for this transition to happen - with legal, accounting and branding implications - Utopian is obliged to pause any current activity until the new company is fully formed and our updated strategy and online properties will be ready to be released to the public. While we have been looking for a workaround to avoid a prolonged downtime of our operations, there is just no other way to achieve a smooth transition without stopping our current processes.

As of date 31st of July 2019, all the current operations will be halted, including curation, delegation rewards, moderation, and any other activity that Utopian has undertaken or is currently undertaking on the Steem blockchain and beyond. The Utopian Discord server will also be discontinued starting from 31st of July 2019, and we are preparing to launch a fresh one dedicated to the new brand.

We predict that the transition will last several weeks, during which our voting power will remain fully unused, thus we would like to inform you that we are requesting to Steemit Inc. to remove the STEEM POWER currently delegated to Utopian. We also would like to inform any other delegator that starting from the 31st of July 2019 their delegation should be removed in order to avoid any waste of STEEM POWER.

What’s next?

The Steem blockchain remains a vital component of our strategy and technology stack. We are planning to build several dedicated resources upon the Steem blockchain and possibly even contribute to its core. We will make sure to keep you updated on our process and to provide information about our roadmap as soon as the transition is fully completed.

We would like to thank our community of contributors and moderators for the support received during the operation of the Proof of Concept. We truly believe we are now on the right track for the success of our shared mission and excited about the opportunities the reformed Utopian is going to offer to us, our early adopters, and so many new members who are about to come on board.

Steem on!
The Utopian Team

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Good luck and best wishes.

Thanks for everything you have done (but for the open source community and Steem), and good luck for the new adventure! I hope I will be able to join it at some point (you know my interests ;) ).

Best of luck.

So sad to read that ... Utopian was to my eyes the best project on the steem blockchain ... albeit one with a fragile business model. Good luck in your new endevours, Diego!

I wish @elear and the project a great new beginning filled with successes.

Live long and prosper

It's been a pleasure! Congratulations, @elear! Best of luck!

Every end marks a new beginning. The adventure continues ...

No wonder why utopian has been so quiet lately...

Wish you all the best, team utopian. I wish that you stay on steem in future. However, it is really important we should be more practical as the concept is to back open source developers.

Hey elear thanks for the work you have done with Utopian. It has absolutely been an honor to help support you and the team and I look forward to continuing that when the new business organization has been formed.

Keep us updated about possible career opportunities with new Utopian!

I learned a lot on utopian. Honestly, it's painful that utopian is discontinued, as I have made good family friends and met fantastic people on it. However, the plan to launch a new brand is interesting. Utopian went through a lot, created a good community, did fantastic things, and made some mistakes as well. Eventually, I'm glad that a bold step is taken finally. Hey, @elear, I wish you all the best in your new endeavors and would love to commend your effort so far on how far you came with the project. I want to believe that better days are ahead and I'm pretty optimistic about it. Do have a nice ride to your new destination. I love utopian and would always do.

Utopian was one of the biggest inspirations that made us jump onto our Steemhunt venture on Steem blockchain. Your name, dedication, challenges, and the most importantly, spirit to back all open source projects will remain forever. Thanks so much for your great journey so far and good luck with the new version of formation too!

Is this goodbye to Utopian? For real?? Someone pinch me. I'm legit crying rn. I found Utopian, and it's one of the best things on Steem to happen to me. It certainly brought out skills in me I didn't know I had. Well, all good things come to an end eventually. But I'm optimistic that this time, it means something better is coming.

It's actually very saddening to hear that Utopian is leaving. I was actually planning to quit my job and come blog on Utopian full-time. Now, I'm not sure that would be the case any longer. I guess I'd just wait for whatever the next move is before I come to a concluding conclusion. Three Happy Cheers for Utopian.... Hip! Hip!! Hip!!!

Great move, @elear!

I can't wait to watch the public video conference session to meet the amazing people of the board and the new team members of the upcoming organization.

A huge hug from @amico 🤗


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you guys has just been awesome for the steem blockchain !

Congratulations Elear, sounds like a great step forward for Utopian. Thanks for building such a great Steem app and getting it this far.

So now that the @utopian-io delegation will be taken will @dlibrary and @luckyshares also be considered? I wrote whitepaper to arrange the great projects in a new way, and I want to work with some steem devs to build something great on the steem blockchain.

Check @dlibrary to get a clue about dlibrary and contact me on discord with empato365#3114 so that i can show you the new whitepaper for @dlibrary and that of luckyshares

twitter and instagram : @withempato
whatsapp: +2348125706952

Thanks and God bless you

Utopian is one of the best projects on Steem and looking forward to seeing the new iteration.

Oo if the new image broadens out enough I could implement my ideas of global brilliance... hmm. Good luck either way!

This is how the price of a crypto change things. STEEM 0.20$, everytime BTC go up, STEEM does nothing, everytime BTC go down, STEEM go down, you can imagine the rest. I hope this change soon.

Thank you very much for all that you have contributed to STEEM. I hope you do very well in your new adventure. I wish you all of the success

Thank you for everything you've done, I can't go this far without help from Utopian, good luck always, wish you all the best @elear.

Ok... Good luck people. You gained a lot of experience from this, how to call it, phase. I hope that you are not going to repeat some mistakes you are probably aware of and that you will be able to find a niche in which you will produce something valuable and - viable.

Utopian make me mature enough, it improves me in many aspects I'm glad that I've been a part of the team and that's my pleasure. Looking forward.

Excited for the path forward! I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that Utopian is easily one of the most important applications of any blockchain...

I wanna use the chance and say "thank you" for your effort and "good luck" for whats coming next.

Great news. It's very nice to see that your plans continue to be associated with the STEEM blockchain.
#steemleo #palnet #sct #jjm #actnearn #zzan #neoxian #int #stem

Thanks for all the support in the past period!
Looking forward to see the new project.

Hey @elear not sure if you remember or not but my first big vote comes from Utopian during its as well as mine initial days. I was thrilled and started to contribute which helps me sustain my journey on Steem. It was incredible association with @utopian-io so far and now looking forward to see it's transformation.
Congratulation and All the best for the new begining....Steem on !

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Goodbye 😢😢

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Utopian has been one of the best projects on Steem, I have contributed through it to support open-source projects. Thanks for what you've done, good luck on your new adventure and hope to see you on Steem.

Utopian is one of the best projects in Steem. It helped me a lot. I wish you all the bests for this next move.

Wow! Can't wait to have you back. You have been such a great inspiration. But, what must be must be. Wish you all the best going forward.

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Hey Utopian!
Come back soon in your new avtaar!

Thanks so much Utopian! looking forward to your new adventure~ :)

best of luck!

so what happen to utopian next? Where can we find u?

with steem around 0.18 cents, somehow I doubt a team of professional investors is really going to want to deal with the blockchain. If Utopian does come back then there is absolutely no reason why it shouldn't be on a different blockchain if that's even the strategy for it anymore.

I hope you come back soon to work together again!

Exit strategy? Well Steem is no longer profitable anyway

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Thank you @utopian-io for the platform given to many of us (like me) to shape our career. I await your relaunch!

I would like to see you guys come back to the Steem blockchain @utopian-io.

Anyone know of any updates?

Good luck to you and best wishes

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