Autumn Vacations to a sunny location

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Hi all,

before winter comes I tend to go one time into a sunny location, maybe to warm up my bones once more before the cold season strikes. Do not get me wrong I have nothing against the cold or winter in general but somehow vacations to sunny locations in autumn have become a habit of mine.
And so I am back once more on the Canary Islands, a location that basically has no real seasons or at least the difference is not anywhere near the difference it brings along in Germany.


Are you as well having certain rituals that you keep doing over the years?

For me rituals are not necessarily a bad thing, even though I have been accused of not being open minded or not wanting to explore new possibilities, but if I know that something works for me and has a positive impact on my life then why should I not want to keep doing this?

Well anyways, this vacations are always very relaxing and resetting for me, I recharge my batteries and start trying out new stuff, like Github Copilot for instance or playing around with OpenAI altogether.
But more of this in one of the next posts.

Have a good time all of you



Was ist grün und riecht nach roter Farbe?
Grüne Farbe.

Credit: smooms
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