The CDC said you don't need a mask if vaccinated. Now, they say you do. WAKE UP!

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If you haven't caught on already, the CDC and other NGOs are playing the public by trying to use a carrot-and-stick method of gaining compliance. Problem is, once they believe enough people have obeyed, they then continue to move the goal posts time and again.

The reason is simple: the goal is to upend all human freedom and enslave the planet to the dictates of those in control of the state and the NGOs, especially as connected to Bill Gates and his foundation (more on that in a future post).


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They are rushing, and have been for some time. I hope that's good news, that they are fighting dirty because they know they are losing.

I am shocked. SHOCKED! That a vaccine spearheaded by a billionaire who has stated more than once publicly that he wants a planet with FAR fewer people on it could have anything suspicious about it.

And if you look at many of the reporters/NGOs downplaying the risks of the shot, they are often tied to funding through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The founder of Russian vaccine ''Sputnik V'' said that he's not wearing a mask because he wants the level of antibodies to be high, while they make people around pay fines because they didn't wear a mask. The fine in metro, in Moscow, is almost $70. Not only for not wearing a mask, but for not wearing gloves as well. While I rarely see authorities in masks and I don't see them wearing gloves at all.