Shark Navigator Lift-away Deluxe Nv360 Upright Reviews

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Shark is one of the numerous home-care manufacturers created by the SharkNinja corporation, which primarily designs and produces vacuum cleaners. Shark vacuum cleaners are regarded as among the best in the industry owing to their high user-friendliness and extensive feature set.

Shark's NV360 upright vacuum cleaner provides a strong cleaning experience. The Navigator Loft Away Deluxe NV360 from Shark is the best upright-canister vacuum for cleaning all of your surfaces. This article will provide you a quick overview of this item, including all of its tools and capabilities.

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For what you receive, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe model NV360 is considered reasonable. This is one of the better-rated vacuums in its budget range, according to customers. The powerful suction, lift-away function, rinsable filtration, and swivel steering are popular features among customers. It also features brush roll on/off settings, allowing it to work on both carpets and hard surfaces. Additionally, it contains 4 useful utilities. Unfortunately, the absence of height adjustments makes it tough to push on thicker carpets, and it's a little top-heavy, so it's easy to pull over while using the hose, wand, or equipment.

The accompanying pet hair tool, according to several users, is very good at removing pet hair. However, because the NV360's hose seems to be on the small side, cleaning a lengthy staircase could be difficult. The vacuum is not very large or noisy, which is a plus for the users.

The NV360's ability to move is among the most often mentioned features. The vacuum may be easily maneuvered around objects and obstacles thanks to the swivel steering.

Finally, users appreciate the ability to switch the cleaner head's brush roll ON and OFF. This allows the operator to work well on both flat and carpeted surfaces.

The NV360 is a bagless vacuum with filters that can be rinsed. This structure minimizes supplies and lowers expenses.

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Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology is also included in the NV360, according to Shark. This implies that unfiltered air cannot exit through fractures or weak seals in the vacuum body. The vacuum's airflow has been passed through all of the filters. For individuals with asthma or allergies, the vac has both HEPA filters and an enclosed mechanism, making it a viable option.

The “Lift-Away” function is among the characteristics that distinguish this vacuum from several other uprights. You can separate the dust-motor/canister unit from the vac with this clever concept.

Other characteristics include a lifelong belt, an electricity shutdown mechanism that activates if the brush roll is clogged, and filters that are meant to not just be cleaned in freshwater but to endure the vacuum's whole lifetime.

The Shark NV360 comes with a 5-year equipment and labor guarantee from the brand.

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