Value Plan Q1 2024 Proposal

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Although reports are still coming out and there is a schedule of them due, we must submit the Q1 proposal (first quarter) for your kind consideration. There are key conferences and other events on the horizon that have outstanding costs and we are looking forward for another exciting and productive year.

... But we will leave it to the Hive team at Blockchain Expo (TechEx) in Amsterdam to explain what's going on in the above photo.

Overview [R]

Your Value Plan keyholders as always are @theycallmedan, @smooth, @guiltyparties, @crimsonclad and @blocktrades. Project management is carried out by @crimsonclad and @guiltyparties.

The project scope includes promotional, marketing, impact and task-based activities that support Hive and its ecosystem as a whole. Activities may be major or minor. Project costs such as logistics and merchandise fit within the scope.

We take project management and quality control very seriously. All line items are continuously scrutinized and we employ a cyclical feedback model of communication.

[R]=Repost section for your information.

2024 Proposal Q1

We will be issuing the following three reports in this order:

  1. Value Plan quantitative report (90% complete at this time and waiting on a few calculations)
  2. Hive year end report (70% complete at this time) to be published by @hiveio
  3. Value Plan qualitative report (currently reverted to planning phase due to display challenges)

We are asking for the operating expense of 300,000 HBD for Q1 in addition to the 100,000 HBD which was obtained for the split year bridge (50,000 HBD allocated to Q1).

Tentative Schedule

The Hive Rally car will see races in Monaco, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, Greece and the CER this year. We are beyond thrilled to have been accepted to the Monaco rally which has a very high rejection rate. We are aiming to upgrade the vehicle in order to expand the rallies we have access to. Rallies have different tracks and 4-wheel drive vehicle is required for mud or gravel tracks. We aim for the Hive rally car to put Hive on the map.

It is important to note that the Portugal rally will overlap with the existing major promotion in the city of Porto. We are looking for other promotional activities to tackle in the city at the same time in order to maximize the impact of both activities.

Major Conferences are being planned for various parts of the world. We are confirmed for Wrestlecon in the US and we will soon announce a conference in the UAE. There is also a high potential for a major conference in Singapore (we have not been able to tackle this area previously due to restrictions beyond our control.)

Hive's @enrique89 and KManuS88 in Argentina

There is also a conference in Ghana being planned by our own @mcsamm and @collinz with their team of Hive community members. This is projected to be a revolutionary tech event in the region as it will include leaders from villages that were recipients of the wells.

Minor conferences are also on the radar in India with Engifest waiting to be confirmed. We will be discontinuing most in not all conference activities in Venezuela and shifting them outwards. Peru has been seeing a steady stream of invitations and is likely to keep on that trajectory.

Amateur sports and STEM education for youth are two lanes we have explored over the years and have found to be a good investment in terms of both exposure and engagement. We are going to strongly support all of these activities with a push towards academic documentation in the shape of research papers and documentaries going forward. This will allow for that bridge between our technology and possibilities that Hive offers and general academia. A focus on academia is expected in general.

Amateur sports, which are headlined by the Street Workout Community, will have the internal goal of increasing efficiency in terms of cost allocation while at the same time optimizing their exposure to the desired demographic. The schedule is in and we are looking for 16 key SWC events for the year, including its annual Hive Cup.

Pictured above are @victorg30 from Maracay, Venezuela and a football team by @korver from Cebu, the Philippines.

Amateur sports are projected to increasingly include Hive community members who are excelling in competitive sports. Hive Biking and Hive Run are brand new initiatives which will see more traction. We are actively seeking athletes all over the world who are Hive community members to represent Hive. We will put out a special ask regarding this soon.

Business (B2B as we call it) activities and HBD integration, led by the Hive Sucre team at the moment, will continue. This year the team must return to the existing vendors for evaluation purposes and to renew any damaged merchandise. We are aiming for a professional approach but unfortunately we are paving the way as we are the first cryptocurrency to attempt it.

In general, we are looking for a full year of events and are currently working on setting up a comprehensive calendar for Q1 and Q2.

Thank you for your consideration,

~ The Value Plan Team


You have my support, but I wonder why there is not a simple way to join the Value Plan. We do a lot of promoting Hive and onboarding at @krolestwo (Krakow, Poland). In 2022 we created @hive.aid to help refugees from Ukraine. Last year we hosted @hivebeecon. And with support we could do much, much more. But I don't see any way to join....

@crimsonclad, @guiltyparties - have you not thought about some open call?

With a market cap of 119 million you're pretty much asking for nearly 1% over the next year of the ENTIRE market cap. That's rather a large chunk of money that I hope starts to producing some real results in terms of development on hive and growing the user base. However in particular growing the development base this year is going to be critical over trying to get more users on the platform.

Might need to get your expenses in order and see if some of this stuff is actully worth it results wise.

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The Hive Team from Davao City and the entire Philippines are all united in supporting the cause of your team's projects and programs for 2024. We are excited about the upcoming promotions and numerous Hive events worldwide. Thank you so much for providing so much value to the Hive community.

We wish the best of success for all Valuenplan's activities for this first quarter.

We look forward to great and powerful events throughout the year. And I am sure these and several others are going to help make a great impact around the world and ultimately expose the hive blockchain to the world through these initiatives. Happy new year to the Value plan Team!

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I wasn't aware you are getting so much money from the DHF. My personal opinion is that as far as I can tell, what the community gets is not worth the price. The key performance indicators should be

  1. price of HIVE token
  2. number of daily transacting human users (not bots)
  3. HIVE brand name recognition and value
    I haven't seen any significant movement in any of these indicators in the past year despite the vast sum of HBD you received from the DHF

You could use some of this amount for marketing, putting the name of the hive in some newspaper articles... it's been a while since any newspaper has created news about the hive.