FREE EBOOK: Raw Vegan Traveling - A Guide for Healthy, Delicious Travel Adventures

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We have been traveling as raw vegans for over two years and boy, it has not always been an easy ride. Traveling is exciting, enriching, colorful but it can also be challenging. Where should I go, what can I explore, where should I stay, to whom do I talk to, what can I eat. 

Especially when we value a healthy diet and lifestyle, traveling can seem like a steep mountain to climb instead of a dreamy holiday.

Luckily, you don’t need to go through all the challenges as a healthy traveler but can learn from other people’s experiences. We have put all our raw adventurer wisdom into our first ebook to make your journey a bit easier and certainly more abundant.

Content to inspire your healthy travel adventures

These are some of the topics we are sharing in “Raw Vegan Traveling - A Guide for Healthy, Delicious Travel Adventures”:  

  • How to choose travel destinations
  • Useful travel equipment
  • Simple meals for the road
  • How to get food for free
  • Delicious hotel room meals
  • Eating out as a raw foodie
  • Meeting like-minded people
  • Healthy habits during travels
  • 7 simple raw vegan recipes

How to get the ebook today

The best part - this ebook is FOR FREE, you can access it within a few minutes via this link and start planning your next delicious trip today.

Enjoy the ride!  


With a healthy body, a balanced mind and a happy soul we can make our wildest dreams come true. Raw Expansion


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Thank you, hope you'll enjoy it! ;)

Healthy eating while traveling can indeed be a pain in the ass. So good of you guys that you bundled all your experiences in a free book.

Thank you, Amy! Luckily the fruity abundance in many countries makes the challenges so worth it :D Maybe you will find some new tips and tricks in there that make traveling more enjoyable next time you are on the road ;)

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