Plants vs. Covid-19

in #vegetable9 months ago

I always admired our dear farmers. But I never understood how much hardwork is necessary to have a bountiful harvest.

Way before the ECQ started, I had my hands on the soil. Thanks to mom and dad who are a great advocate of being self-sufficient. My dad even grows his own fish in a tiny pond in our garden and hopes that when this situation gets better, we would invite friends over to fish and grill them.

So, I planted some greens. But much to my dismay, it never prospered to how I imagined they would be. I even bought those tiny black bags, thinking those were necessary to grow a plant. But I proved myself wrong. Those tiny black bags just made it look like a "professional" farmer us growing them. But it ends there. Lol.

Anyway, I always wished to have my own vegetable garden, and having herbs and spices in my own yard. Like Jamie Oliver, that British chef who simply plucks a homegrown dill or a basil, or cuts some chives or parsley whenever his recipe needs it. Just like that. All fresh and organic.he says it gives the biggest impact on whatever is cooking.

Well, in all fairness, that wish is not altogether dismissed; I have planted my own chili, oregano, ginger and chives. I also planted some aloe vera and lemon. I have chinese kangkong and camote tops. Yey!

On the otherhand, I have planted eggplants and ladyfingers, cucumbers and squash. There were also bitter gourd and patola. Also bought seeds of pechay and lettuce for some salad and Samgyeopsal. I was elated when i saw signs of life from the seeds I planted. There were little greens sprouting from the soil. Sadly, in time those signs of life stopped growing, until they turned brown and withered and died. Sad.

A week before the ECQ, my dad planted tomatoes and eggplants. And thanks to his green thumb we were able to harvest it just in time. Just when food is scarce because staying home is a must.

A friend who is from a neighboring province showed this picture to me. I am not sure if it was just a local arrangement or national. but i think giving out seeds is a wise project for residents to have something to do and later on harvest while staying home. They gave out seeds of vegetables: Plants vs. covid-19.

So, what about you have you ever tried planting anything?