727 upvotes given to steem users from Venezuela

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The program @help.venezuela was created 3 months ago by @achim03. Thanks to the huge delegations the program received lately, we can now support 15 steem users from Venezuela. For these 15 people, we have set automatic upvotes on all their posts.

The upvotes given so far by @help.venezuela:

UsernameIn program sinceNumber of upvotes

Total upvotes given so far by @help.venezuela: 727

To keep voting power as high as possible, the uvpotes given are at 60% voting power. At the moment this represents an upvote with a value of around 0.12 $.

Sustainability thanks to increase in SP

The idea of this project was always to provide a sustainable help for the beneficiaries. The upvotes given are meant to motivate them to produce content and also to give them financial help to face the situation in Venezuela.

To make this project sustainable, unused votes are sold on smartsteem. Together with curation rewards, this allows the account to grow over time and to give even more powerful upvotes. We started with 750 SP and have now 847 SP to upvote the posts of the beneficiaries.


Support this project to help people from Venezuela to fight a catastrophic economical situation:


Thank you friends for this great support to the Venezuelan cause, they are giving hope and joy to many homes in Venezuela.



Upvoted and resteemed

Hi @marlui,
Thanks a lot for the resteem!

Best regards,

Hi, my good friend @help.venezuela and @achim03

Thank you for all your support I hope to continue growing so that in the near future I can degelegate SP to your noble project.

A very fraternal embrace from Venezuela, a country that fights for its freedom.

Agradecida con el programa por el apoyo, son una excelente opción para los Venezolanos @help.venezuela

Thank you very much for the support @help.venezuela, every penny adds and helps us to carry the difficulties

Thank you so much for your efforts Achim, very much appreciated!🌹😊

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Greetings, I'm from Venezuela, what criteria does it take to choose users to support them, thanks ...

Thank you for your comment. There are two criterias to be able to be supported by @help.venezuela. The first is to live in Venezuela and the second is to be active on steem with quality posts.

We will gladly put you on the waiting list but you will need to write more posts if you want to be supported by the program.

Best regards,