Emigration: the only beacon of hope for Venezuelan people?

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The situation in Venezuela is not so present in the medias lately. However not much has changed and if there was a change, it has been for the worse. What hope is there left in this country? Food is scarce, the economy is broken, there is not even a garantee to have electricity constantly. Without electricity there is no mobile network, no internet and even no running water.

The people who can, try to flee the country

Among the people supported by @help.venezuela, I'm aware of two people who are actively planning their emigration from this country. I would like to present here their case:

@por500bolos became homeless and is trying to find a way to Spain

This guy is probably not 20 anymore and not even 30 or 40. So he was renting a room from a family till this family decided to flee the country. This made him homeless. A friend provided a place to stay for him but this can't be a long term solution. Fortunately @por500bolos is binational Venezuelan and Spanish. So he would like to emigrate to Spain. He is struggling at the moment to find a place to stay with relatives in Spain. The second problem will be to find the funds to pay for a plane ticket.

He wrote a very nice post about himself if you want to learn more about his story. By the way his posts are in impeccable english. Please read his posts which are very funny and support him with upvotes and comments.

A new future in Brasil for @hendersonp

This guy is an amazing steemmonsters player. He won even some tournaments. However he doesn't play only for fun. Thanks to Steem and Steemmonsters he managed to collect around 1000 Steem. This money will help him to emigrate with his wife to Brasil. Thanks to the steem he owns, he will be able to survive around 2 months in Brasil without having to work. This will leave him time to find a job and to start a new life.

Check-out his post where he plans his emigration. I believe he will be happy for every upvote that comes along the way.

We are here to support

The program @help.venezuela is supporting 20 people from Venezuela by actively upvoting all their posts. Each upvote is worth now around 0.10 $. This wouldn't be possible without the help of the delegators. A huge thanks to them:

We are proud to see that some users who are supported by this program managed to considerably develop their Steem Power. Our help will continue and we hope that it can make a little difference in these people's life.


Support this project to help people from Venezuela to fight a catastrophic economical situation:

A project by @achim03


Thank you very much for this post and your great support @help.venezuela. :)

And thanks to each one of the team of Delegators for their continuous support and generous contribution to this noble project. It is indeed very well appreciated.

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Hi @por500bolos

I didn't know that you're currently homeless. It must be really difficult.

I'm going to read your story right now ....

It is never late when the wish to bring happiness is good. :)

Yep, I've seen you already has been reading part of the story. I have read your cordial and kind comments and I have also responded to them.

If you have some free time, try read the complete "Binnacle of an odyssey" serie of six posts and also the comments of the steemians that I got there. And hopefully then, you'll get a better idea of the situation to participate in the brainstorming that could eventually help me and lead me to a potential solution in short.


Hi @help.venezuela

It is a great reality, because the plans of many is to be able to flee from this
country empowered by some criminals, and the worst thing is that at the world level it is well known that they are a very well organized group of criminals who are occupying positions in the government supported by countries like Cuba, China, and Russia.

Amigos @por500bolos, @hendersonp Saben en la medida de mis posibilidades pueden contar conmigo, se que ustedes lograran salir de este país. y de todo corazón les deseo un mundo de éxito

thank you very much, I'm already in the countdown, on July 11 I have the flight from Boa Vista to Sao Paulo, the nerves begin to invade me but I hope it is a better future

Hi @hendersonp

It will be a better future you have the best day of the year chosen to start a new life on July 11 is number 1 twice therefore it is a unique date and univers, so friend will go very well.
I can only wish him success

thanks for the good energies :)

Thanks a lot for your good wishes @lanzjoseg. :)

Yeah! con paciencia y salivita todo se desliza. I'm still waiting for some positive feedback from my relatives in Spain to know exactly what would be my final destination and which should be my next steps to follow in this whole paperwork odyssey. ;)

Thank you very much to @ help.venezuela for your daily support and to all those who have delegated SP to this project, I did not know the history of @ por500bolos and definitely no matter how old the venezuela government destroyed dreams, hopes and tranquility to the citizens of this country

Indeed, dreams and lifes of many has been destroyed there @hendersonp :(

I’ll check their post and continue to support them via my own little way, everything is gonna be alright because no condition is permanent.

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Thanks a lot for your comment. I believe that any type of help is greatly appreciated.

Dear @help.venezuela

You're right guys. Media seem to be tired of this topic.

I happen to "know" both @hendersonp and @por500bolos and it's heartbreaking to know that they struggle so much. I'm glad that Steemit has more people like you buddy.


Grateful for that support to my Venezuelans @help.venezuela