Financing @help.venezuela with Splinterlands

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With our program @help.venezuela we try to support steem authors from Venezuela by upvoting their posts. Unfortunately, probably due to lower steem prices today, the number of posts from Venezuelan people has decreased. When posting something on steem means that you have to fight your way through black outs and very slow internet connections, it is understandable that people think it over twice whether it is worth to publish on steem. Especially when every cent counts.

Lower steem prices mean lower upvote value

Because of the lower prices, the upvotes that we can provide with the program have also lost some of its importance. We would like to provide powerful upvotes that really matter. For Venezuelan people the income generated through their posts is the basis that keeps them motivated to post and grow on steem. So a couple of months ago, we tried to come up with a way to bring fresh funds to the program.

How we finance @help.venezuela with Splinterlands

I (@achim03) have been playing splinterlands for quite a long time and I'm regularly reaching diamond 1 level at the end of a season. I realised that I had some same cards in alpha, some in beta and some in gold foil. It's simply not possible to play the same card several times. So I began to take my double gold and alpha foil cards and created a new deck under the name of @help.venezuela. With this deck I play regularly and get new reward cards. Together with my other deck I try to maximize the decks to make them more powerful.

However each time I win a battle, I also earn DEC tokens. These DEC tokens will then be used to finance the account @help.venezuela.

Lucky with reward cards

Last season I finished at a level Gold II with the @help.venezuela account and I got 26 reward cards. Among these cards I got an epic Gold card.

source: Splinterlands

Because of its high manna this card is very difficult to use in games. On the other hand it is quite powerful in terms of value being a gold card. You can actually burn this card and get 15'000 DEC in the process (around 13 USD). So I've actually burned this card and I got 15'000 DEC tokens. Together with the DEC that have been earned while playing, the account has now 22'000 DEC.

source: steem-engine

At the end of the season DEC prices are a bit low normally. So we will wait for better prices and exchange these 22'000 DEC into SP and power up the account. This will give a boost of around 130 SP to @help.venezuela which will give the upvotes some more value.

Playing the game makes the account stronger and the income potential higher. In the long term I believe that thanks to Splinterlands we will be able to make the @help.venezuela grow even more and be able to provide more and more powerful upvotes to Venezuelan people.

Free slots open

Since the people supported by the program tend to post less frequently, there are new spots available. If you are from Venezuela and you create quality posts and are on steem for at least 3 months you might be eligible for to be supported by the program. Just write a comment below and we will check it out.

The people supported by @help.venezuela

@fucho80, @hendersonp, @jadams2k18, @jenina619, @juanmolina, @lanzjoseg, @reinaldoverdu, @roronoa07,
@yomismosoy, @sacra97, @hlezama, @chiminguito, @jennimorillo, @darthgexe, @equipodelta, @garybilbao,
@topfivefamily, @manuelgil64, @por500bolos, @nachomolina, @peraza82, @spirajn, @tramelibre, @yonnathang,


Support this project to help people from Venezuela to fight a catastrophic economical situation:


Nice. New follower here! Help Each Other!

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Thanks a lot for your comment!

Hello @achim03 and @help.venezuela.

Wow excellent strategy to give momentum to the account, and you are very right when you comment on the concerns we have in Venezuela, the main ones are the blackouts, today I did not go to work and the university after 2 days without electricity.
: At the time of writing this comment it is 7: AM and the electric power the government gave the order to place it at 6AM then imagine how terrible it is.

That situation added to the bad internet connection limits many. without leaving aside the low price of Steem, and every penny counts.

For us westerners it is very difficult to imagine living without electricity. I admire the venezuelans how they deal with that day after day.

Muy bien pensado, crecer a pesar de las circunstancias venezolanas @help.venezuela siempre agradecida con ese apoyo tan lindo y constante que seguramente realizas con mucho esfuerzo con estas fallas de luz, del internet.

muchas gracias por tu comentario

Tienes toda la razón, si no es la luz, es la internet, si tienes uno a veces no tienes el otro, además de la calidad de estos dos servicio son pésimo, es tan malo el internet aquí, que ni siquiera se puede entrar a , me imagino que esa página requiere un cierto ancho de bando que no tengo, a veces abre pero en las madrugadas.
Me gustaría saber cómo ayudan ustedes a los venezolanos, me pueden decir los requisitos para recibir su apoyo… gracias.

With this program we try to support authors from Venezuela that write regularly quality content by giving upvotes to their posts.
We checked your past posts and decided to add you to the program. Welcome!

Saludos @help.venezuela

Gracias por la mención, también gracias por el apoyo brindado las personas de Venezuela.

Muchas gracias por to commentario !

Greetings @help.venezuela @achim03, great way to finance the project, very original way to help by means of repeated letters including them in a new deck.

This type of proposal helps to encourage more interest and help for my Venezuelan colleagues (in terms of rewards) that although it is true as you said goes through many problems when it comes to publishing.

Good project, God multiply what they give to my Venezuelan colleagues. Thank you for reading my comment, I bid you farewell wishing you a happy day, afternoon or night and a great start of the week.✌️

Thanks a lot for your kind comment. We weren't aware that you were also from Venezuela. We have added you to the program! Welcome!

Thank you for the inclusion in your vow program, God multiply you.✌️

Buen Día! soy venezolano quisiera recibir su apoyo, mis temas son diversos, pueden pasarse por mi perfil, gracias!

We checked your past posts and decided to add you to the program. Welcome!

Dear @help.venezuela

I'm not really playing splinterlands and I'm not even sure what is it about, however I found your idea of financing your project very unique and interesting.

Thanks a lot for stopping by and your comment!
Best regards,

@help.venezuela, This is really empowering step and i really want to appreciate your efforts towards this Initiative of helping Venezuelans. Good wishes from my side and hope that when Steem Prices will improve everything will get to on the Track. Stay blessed.

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Hi @chireerocks,
Thanks a lot for your kind comment!

Welcome team. Have a successful journey ahead. Stay blessed.

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Thanks a lot for your kind comment!


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Hola @help.venezuela
Desde este momento te sigo... esperando recibir el auxilio para todos nosotros los venezolanos que aun vivimos en nuestro país: luchando día a día...
Mi apoyo inmediato a este proyecto es mi oportuno comentario, un Reesteemear y mi humilde voto que se une como granito de arena a todos esas votaciones que hacen falta para la continuidad de esta loable labor.

Hola @maria1989,
Muchas gracias por tu apoyo. Nosotros tambien te vamos a apoyar. Te hemos tomado en el programa. I desde ahora vas recibir un voto des nosotros a todos tus articulos. Bienvenido !

Buena iniciativa, me gustaría jugar Splinterlands pero no tengo recurso para comenzar, tambien me gustaría que me apoyaran... se le agradece saludos

Muchas gracias por tu comentario. Es bastante difficil jugar a Splinterlands desde Venezuela. Mis amigos que lo hazen tienen muchas problemas con el internet. Quando pierdes la conection tambien pierdes et partido.

Te hemos agregado al programa. Recibirás votos sistemáticos de @help.venezuela a partir de ahora. Asegúre que tus publicaciones cumplan con los estándares mínimos de calidad. Bienvenido!

It's a great job what you're doing, buddy. Thank you for your support of each of us. I hope each of your initiatives succeed.

Thank you very much for your kind comment. Best regards!

Great job friend, thanks for the support.

Thanks a lot for your comment. Hope we'll be able to support more in the future.

This is a great strategy and a lot of work, bravo!

Followed and upvoted both your accounts.

Thanks a lot for your support!

good job buddy.

A comment aside from what you say about the connectivity conditions in Venezuela, is that the electric service also does not help and the increase of cost in data for mobile phone networks also makes it difficult for us to keep publishing and sharing.

I believe that with such conditions you have to calculate quite well to define whether it's worth to publish posts or not.

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Enjoy your juicy upvote and keep creating excellent Splinterlands content!

This is a really great initiative. I'm so glad you're having fun and finding worth playing Splinterlands!
Hugs! 🥰@carrieallen

Thank you very much for this great upvote! We really appreciate.

Hola, siempre me entero de las cosas tarde jejeje me gustaria recibir su apoyo, soy de Venezuela y me encuentro aun en venezuela, saludos!!

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