Help Venezuela after HF 21

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A new era was started yesterday with the Hard Fork 21 which affects all the users on the steem blockchain. This is also the case with the program @help.venezuela.

What is @help.venezuela about?

This program aims to support authors from Venezuela that write regularly on this platform. At the moment 24 people are supported.

The people supported by @help.venezuela

@lanzjoseg, @jenina619, @juanmolina, @reinaldoverdu, @hendersonp, @fucho80, @roronoa07, @jadams2k18, @yomismosoy, @sacra97, @chiminguito, @hlezama, @jennimorillo, @darthgexe, @equipodelta, @garybilbao, @por500bolos, @manuelgil64, @topfivefamily, @nachomolina, @peraza82, @tramelibre, @spirajn, @yonnathang

How does this program help people from Venezuela?

The concept is very simple. The authors that are support get an automatic upvote to all their posts from the account @help.venezuela. Thanks to the delegation and the SP of this account, we have 7800 SP voting power at our disposition. Every beneficiary gets a 60% upvote to each of his publications. This represents at the moment around 0.07 USD.

How can this help make a difference?

The economical situation in Venezuela is catastrophic and life is difficult. The possibilities to find enough food to feed the families are limited and the hyperinflation makes dealing with money a nightmare. The avarage salary in Venezuela is around 6$... per month!
For Venezuelan people Steem represents a very interesting income possibility. Thanks to exchanges like it is possible for them to exchange Steem into a local currency with which they can buy food or other things. Since it's opening in 2018, over 300'000 $ worth of Steem and SBD has been exchanged on into local currencies by over 3300 unique users (source).

For people in Venezuela the income generated on Steem can really make a difference and @help.venezuela tries to support them as much as it can.

How is @help.venezuela financed?

The initial 750 Steem was a private contribution by myself (@achim03). The program developed however mainly because of the generous delegators:

Thanks to this great amound of steem power, @help.venezuela grew mainly thanks to curation rewards.

100% sustainable

Thanks to the wonders of steem, the program is 100% sustainable. All the help comes from the available upvotes that renew itself over time. We try to set the voting power so that the account has always time to replenish itself and give a maximum upvote to the beneficiaries.

What happens after HF21?

The new hard fork changed the reality on steem and authors will see their posts less rewarded. This is not necessarily positive for the beneficiaires of the program.

What measures will @help.venezuela take?

First of all, the account will continue to upvote all the posts of the beneficiaires as before. We changed however the moment of the autoupvoting to 5 minutes after publication. The idea is that the account @help.venezuela generates maximal curation rewards. These curation rewards will be reinvested 100% into powering up the account. So we hope that over time the increase of steem power of the account will be able to compensate the lower payouts of the beneficiaries.

New source of income thanks to splinterlands

Being an addict of splinterlands myself, I've created a secondary deck with the account @help.venezuela. This deck is optimized to generate a high amount of DEC. This DEC will be used regularly to power up the account.


Support this project to help people from Venezuela to fight a catastrophic economical situation:

A project run by @achim03


Some questions arise when reading this post.

Are the authors curated before being added into the autovoter? Are they being monitored by someone so the autovotes don't get abused which they often tend to do after some time.

These curation rewards will be reinvested 100% into powering up the account.

Who gets to keep these rewards? Would you consider donating part of the curation rewards (which are now 50% of the upvotes) to the people you autovote if all the account is doing is autovoting without much manual work/time being put behind it while asking for delegations. It can quickly be considered as selfish and someone could really quickly copy what you are doing, undercut you by 90% and overshadow your account.

Lastly, other than the content they provide, are there any other plans for the authors the project supports to give back to the Steem network in the form of marketing or word of mouth to grow the network?

I'd be interested to delegate once I know more, thanks.

Great work, great comment, +1 here as well.

Clean model, well explained, this could be a template we use all around the world where people need help.
VZ is a canary in the coal mine for the entire region, in some ways the world, I'd like to see this working.

I think that steem has a real potential to bring help in a sustainable manner to people all over the world.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Best regards,

Regards dear @surfyogi

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Let's sustain #steemit community and through my art/music let's sustain also projects like @hope.venezuela @project.hope @wafrica @treeplanter and many others that i'll discover on this vast #steemit community.


Hi, I hope you are very well, I am one of the program's winners, I give you my point of view, the donations made to Venezuelans on steem or sbd all go directly to Bs.

Particularly I think it is better than account @ help.venezuela cresca in sp and vote us significantly, and someone is telling you that at this moment I would be immensely happy to receive donations since I emigrate from Venezuela and I still can't get a job, I'm about to finish my savings in fiat and then sadly The savings will come in cryptos, there is a saying "Give a fish to a man and you will give him food for one day, teach him to fish and you will feed him for the rest of his life" I know Venezuelans who need to exert themselves in publishing if they are not looking for Donations for the crisis in our country.

Hi @hendersonp,
Thank you very much for your comment. I've been reading your latest post about trying to find a job in Sao Paulo. It seems to be quite problematic without prior experience.

I hope you will have some luck soon and find a way to get an income without having to use your cryptos.

Is life in Brasil much more expensive than in Venezuela? Could you manage to live with an income from Steem?

Best regards,

Hi how are you, if it is difficult and also the language because although I understand it well it is difficult for me to communicate and in most of the jobs it is essential that I communicate well with the clients.
Brazil is much more expensive, remember that in Venezuela one pays absurdly cheap services, also rents there are very cheap, here in Brazil the rents are expensive and the services too, the only thing that is cheaper than in Venezuela is the food, the Remember that the problem in Venezuela is that salaries are very low and services work very poorly, here with two days of salary you eat more than a week.

The truth unless you win enough crypts I don't think you can live, at least from Steemit I see it almost impossible

Hi my friend,

It's another reality in Brasil I believe. The important thing is not to loose hope. Every day your Portugese will become better and you will find some work to start.
Maybe you could try to figure out if there is a brasilian community here on steem and see whether somebody is from Sao Paoulo and has connections?

Good luck to you and your wife!

Best regards,

I think it's very good idea my next post I will do it in Portuguese to see if I can contact some people.
thanks greetings


Hi @yonnathang,
Thanks a lot for your comment and the resteem!

Best regards,

Hi @help.venezuela

I've been wondering if you guys will adapt (and how will you do that) to this fork.

I wonder what's your impression after HF21 has been "deployed".

I wonder how will this fork impact users behaviours. So far it seem that most people will be upvoting content which is already popular.

When I upvoted post with 0$ then my upvote was worth only 1,04SP and it used to be 1,7SP before the fork. However when I upvoted the highest post in trending page (100$) then my upvote increased reward by over 2 SP. So pretty much it doubled in strength.

So somehow pushing your content to trending page will bring some solid traffic.

Upvoted on the way :)


Hi my friend,
Thank you for your comment and the upvote!
I answered your question in your post ;-)

Best regards,

Gracias @help.venezuela - @achim03! muy amables con ese apoyo a los venezolanos.

Hi @sacra97,
Thanks a lot for your comment.
Best regards

Hi dearest @help.venezuela.

Your work is noble.
I particularly appreciate you very much and I am very grateful for your great unconditional support.
Humbly I just delegated 100SP to be part of the team.
Thanks for your support.

Your friend, Juan.

Hi @juanmolina my friend,
Thank you very much for your generous delegation. It is greatly appreciated!

Best regards,

Hello as always grateful for the support of @help.venezuela, how great that you now have a team in steemmonsters I am sure that with the rewards you can upload more quickly from sp, I have been a bit inactive but I am already rejoining we are in touch.

I realized that I had a lot of cards in double but not enough to bring them to level 7. So I decided to use these cards and most of my gold cards to create a deck for @help.venezuela ( I play quite regularly and I use the DEC to power up the account of @help.venezuela.

I miss our battles. I would be happy to see you back on splinterlands ;-)

Best regards,

Yo soy de Venezuela y no creo que esto ayudaría en mucho, más bien deberían de incentivar a todo los venezolanos que están en steemit a invertir aprovechando que el STEEM está bajito, para subir su STEEM power y eso a la larga ayudaría mucho más a la plataforma y a nosotros mismos porque tendríamos poder de votó para curar todas las publicaciones que quieran eso de pedir ayuda a cada rato es como rayar mucho el disco

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Hi @tcpaikano,
Thank you for your comment. My spanish is not good enough to answer you so hope you don't mind if I answer in English. This Program is running since December 2018 and some of the people who have been in this program managed to increase their steem power in a significant way. This allows them now to give upvotes themselves and spread value.

I don't believe that this program is an answer for everything but I think nobody complains that he is supported either ;-)

Best regards,

Thank you for responding, we must focus on everyone to encourage them to increase their voting power that is beneficial for all in the long term.

You are totally right about that. I believe that powering up is the best way to sustainable success on steem.

I can understand that it can be more difficult for people from Venezuela to do so when you need steem for daily needs but I think everyone should always use a small part of the available steem to power up.

P.S: Thanks a lot for the resteem!

Hello @help.venezuela and @achim03, thanks!

I admire very much the great work that you do, although for many it is insignificant, I particularly think that what you do in terms of generosity is invaluable. As a beneficiary of this project, I feel that you identify and feel empathy for the crisis situation that we live in Venezuela.

HF21 nois worries a lot since as you mentioned, most of the steem is invested in food, however, we make the effort to keep the steempower to grow our accounts, to continue publishing and generating some income.

Very grateful for this initiative and other existing ones, but all that may arise are also welcome.

Hi my friend thank you very much for your kind comment!

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Saludos @help.venezuela

Gracias por el apoyo prestado a nuestras publicaciones

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Hi @achim03 and @help.venezuela

I feel that I am a very fortunate man, to belong to this project and the benefit is very helpful, again I quote "Every penny counts, and for Venezuelans is a lot of help, as you mention mostly to buy food....

Thank you for all your support.

Hi @lanzjoseg,
Thanks a lot for your kind comment !

Best regards,

I am very grateful to @help.venezuela and @achim03. for all the support received and I hope that you continue to grow so that you can help more Venezuelans.

Hi @darthgexe,
Thanks a lot for your comment.

Best regards,

Great project. Resteemed!

Thanks a lot for your comment and the resteem!

Amusing... play for good

New source of income thanks to splinterlands

Really though, gaming can be constructed to be a creative medium to adjunct communication.

Thanks for your comment. I really like to try the unconventional so why not do something positive while playing a game ;-)

Best regards,

Thank you for your work, really admirable.

Thank you very much for your comment!

This looks like an amazing project. I'll delegate SP for it.

And thank you very much for your kindness.

How do you plan on making a deck that focus on getting DEC returns?

Hi @carita-feliz,
Thank you very much for your comment and your delegation. This is highly appreciated!

How do you plan on making a deck that focus on getting DEC returns?

I've been playing splinterlands for a very long time and I managed to build quite a nice deck but I began to have doubles gold, beta and alpha carts. So I've put all the gold and alpha cards in the deck of @help.venezuela. With each alpha or gold card that you play, you get 10% bonus on your DEC winnings. So let's say you play with 5 gold cards in the same game, you get a 50% bonus. This makes quite a difference.

Best regards,

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After more thought into this I wanna make it clear that I don't agree with the activity of this account at all anymore. I want to make this comment and will leave a downvote on this post as some people who also looked deeper into it have been asking me why I resteemed this, after seeing smartsteem returns to this account from you selling votes from free delegations you have received to assist venezuelans I'm starting to feel pretty certain that you don't in fact have the people of venezuela's best interest in mind but are doing this out of pure self interest. You will say that you had extra voting power due to the lack of posts or you will say you don't want to vote on their comments cause the rewards aren't as efficient with the new reward curve and you want the smartsteem returns so the account can grow faster but that's just bullshit when you have made it pretty clear that you are going to keep all the rewards this account makes (from delegations given to you (on top of that from venezuelans themselves) - a non venezuelan - to assist venezuelans on an account called help.venezuela).

I find it truly disgusting that you would be trying to profit in this way from other people's misery.

Hello how are you @acidyo, I am your long-time follower, since I knew your account I thought it was incredible the amount of rewards you obtained for transmitting your games in different games, I think that all the people who we just play can do That is like a dream, I think that this time you have been very closed, thanks to the blockchain you can see the behavior of the account @ help.venezuela when the project started it was clearly explained to the people that in order not to waste vote power they would sell votes and the profits would go to increase the sp of the account, where you look is a good strategy, first increase the sp decreases the liquidity of the circulating steem and gradually apart the help towards us is greater in each vote.

Hi @acidyo,
I'm very disapointed by your comment and your downvote.

I live in Switzerland and have a nice life. I own a company and I am on Steem as a hobby because I love everything about it. I've never downpowered any steem and I've never changed it into fiat or other cryptos. The only thing I bought with steem are splinterland cards. I don't need any income from steem and I believe that I found a way to help people in a difficult situation in a sustainable way. Just for your information, I've put 750 Steem in this project at the very beginning from my own poket. Then I've sent around 300 steem to several of the beneficiaires directly, also from my pocket when they were in need. To help them find a roof when they lost their shelter. To help them with new projects...

I can understand that you can't identify with how this project works. But is it up to you to judge it?

You judge me because of the fact that now there are 50% curation rewards and that the account get's more curation rewards. Well first when it started out this was not the case. So how could I know 8 months ago about HF21 and 50/50?

I would like to present you another perspective:
I've been running this project for 8 months and it has given 2655 uvotes to the beneficiaires. The average upvote value was around 0.08 Usd. So a total of 212 USD value of upvotes have been given, more or less. The value of the account in SP is now around 220 USD. So what is better? Distribute the people one time 220 USD or to continue to give them upvotes regularly? We don't need to agree on this, I just want to show you that one can have different opinions. By the way, when I've put 750 Steem into this account, the value was around 230 USD...

So let's agree to disagree...

Best regards,

I delegated @help.venezuela 1SP. I am Japanese Steemian.

Hello @yasu24,
Thank you very much for your delegation!

It's amazing to see that steem can reach the other end of the world. Thank you for introducing @help.venezuela to Japan!