In 5 months 1400 posts of Venezuelan people have been upvoted

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1400 Upvotes in 5 months to Users of Venezuela.png

The project @help.venezuela was started in December 2018. The concept of the program is to upvote posts of selected people from venezuela systematically to encourage them to continue their way on steem and also to allow them to collect cryptocurrencies to face an economical and political situation that can be considered as catastrophic.

20 people from Venezuela are supported

Thanks to some very generous people and their delegations, the project could develop in a very good way. With around 7300 SP that we have, the upvotes that can be provided are quite significant.

This high Steem Power at our disposition allowed us to increase the number of beneficiaries to 20. These 20 Venezuelan users get all their posts upvoted by @help.venezuela. To be able to guarantee that the voting power stays around 90%, all the upvotes are at 60% and we hope to be able to keep it at this rate.

The users are listed in the order that they were taken into the program

The project develops by itself

Thanks to the magic of steem, each upvote comes along with curation rewards. We tried to optimize the voting times so as to generate a maximum of curation rewards. This allowed the account to develop from 750 SP to 1000 SP (without delegations) in 5 months. This means that while helping the people from Venezuela we manage to generate revenue to insure that this help is for the long term and thus sustainable.

This is made possible thanks to the delegators

The quality of the upvotes and also the increase of SP is only possible thanks to the generous work of the delegators:

In the name of the project and of the beneficiaires, a big thanks to these people!

Future of @help.venezuela

The project has received a promise of @edgarare1 to donate 80 Steem to the project which is very generous. A big thanks to him. He is helping in many ways people of Venezuela. Check his post:

We hope to be able to continue to develop the project, to give high upvotes to as many people from Venezuela as possible. If we get some more delegations that would be wonderful. The only conditions for people to be supported is to live in Venezuela and to have posted a certain quantity of good posts on steem.

Best regards


Support this project to help people from Venezuela to fight a catastrophic economical situation:


It is good to know from you help.venezuela, praised the great intention to help the Venezuelans. We at SteemChurch are providing the opportunity to register on the Telos platform, creating free accounts and earning Telos through the reference system. For more information, visit the @sirknight blog. If you wish to be part of SteemChurch Telos, fill out the following form, in the reference you can place church.jc.

CEO/ @emiliocabrera
Correo: [email protected]

Thank you very much for stopping by. Best regards!

Hello again @achim03 I´m just coming to say that I did my transfer to a couple seconds ago to @help.venezuela as I promise in my latest publication... Keep with your incredible project helping more people...!!

Thank you so much for this amazing donation. I really appreciate a lot and it motivates me to continue with this project!

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Thanks a lot for waiting this seven days ..

Congratulations for your amazing work..!!

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Dear @achim03 and @help.venezuela

Wow Many times we should only give thanks for all your support.
Which is very big that means that many of us are growing little by little that is very important for everyone.

I congratulate you for all your great effort

Thank you very much for your kind words!
Best regards,

Thank you so much for the mention @help.venezuela and @achim03 it is a pleasure for me ...!!! If I can help more in the future I will do that for sure my friend... I hope all people from Venezuela are ok ...!!!

Thank you very much for your comment and your amazing plan!

Thanks for your kind gestures, Venezuela 🇻🇪 needs us.

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Thank you very much for your comment!

como se puede hacer para entrar a tan hermoso grupo vivo en este hermoso país llamado Venezuela y se en carne propia lo que es pasar por dicha situación económica que tanto nos agobia a todos por igual, espero su respuesta y que Dios les bendiga

Hello @peraza82,
Thank you very much for your comment and sorry that I don't reply in Spanish. I understand spanish quite well but when it comes to writing it... well let's say it's better to write in English. Since I saw that your posts are quite often in English, I hope that you understand it :-).
I've checked your profile and you qualify very well to be supported by the program. From now on all your posts will be upvoted by @help.venezuela.
Best regards,

gracias por el apoyo bendiciones

Thank you, Thanks for your kind gestures, by the Venezolanos @help.venezuela

Thank you very much for stopping by!

hello @ help.venezuela and @ achim03 thank you very much for the support, I did not know that he published so much hehehe, thank you very much to the sponsors of the project, shit a grain of sand account for us.

Thank you very much for your comment and see you on steem monsters ;-)

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Dear @heil.venezuela. I'm very surpised because you didn´t post since 22 days.
I hope everything will be o'k

Hi @marlui,
Thank you for your comment. The purpose of this account is mainly to upvote the posts of people from Venezuela. The upvotes are given automatically to all the posts of the people in this program. But you are right that it would be about time to write a post again ;-)